You can talk yourself In or Out

You can talk yourself OUT of anything, or IN to anything.

Ultimately the choice is simply yours 👊🏻 And I’ll dare to say this: even if it seems impossible or like something you “can’t” do, chances are highly likely you CAN with the right training, a little bit of patience & a whole lot of FAITH.

And I’m not just talking about athletic endeavors. I’m talking about just about everything your heart can dream up.

You know that thing that you always say you wish you could do? That thing you secretly think about in the middle of the afternoon when you find yourself daydreaming? That thing you get just a tiny bit- or a lot a bit- jealous of when you see others doing it?

THAT- that’s where the gold is for you ✨

For me, I find the more I choose THAT when it comes to my physical abilities, the more I build my confidence to take bigger risks in my business, my money steps, my relationships and more.

Because y’all- I have EVERY excuse in the book not to- some extremely valid mind you like my friend since middle school Lyme Disease- but I choose to DESPITE so. Those years when I let the excuses win were some of the toughest years of my life emotionally & mentally- and no way in hell am I going back to that way of living 💪🏻

Comes down to Faith & Grace & a whole lot of Fire- plain & simple 🔥

Sometimes pushing the body to the ‘impossible’ (for YOU) is there just to show us how we can do so in ALL the other areas of life. I know for me that’s the lesson, and so I choose that I CAN- even when all evidence points to otherwise.

Doesn’t always mean it will be pretty or fast or that I’ll be winning anything anytime soon, but I’m at peace with that. Because just getting out there & taking steps & risking the success of the finish line {real & metaphorical} is the big win in my book.

I’m a few weeks into Training Mode for my next marathon and I’m giddy like a little girl at the adventures to come this time around.

Like clockwork it’s bringing up ALL the things in OTHER areas where I’m holding back OR only saying yes out of FOMO. So- I ask myself:

Which way are you going to choose this week- talking yourself OUT, or IN?

Doesn’t matter which, only that we choose 🔥

Jennifer BlackstockComment