You never know what's possible


You never know what’s possible until you try 🔥

I know for some this might be considered slow and for others this might be holy wow fast. But once I put it out of my mind what ANY one might think & began focusing on my own lane, the magic started to happen.

And I’m not just talking about running 🏃‍♀️In fact if I’m completely transparent this breakthrough out there on the road only came about once I fully honored the concept of staying in my own lane in all the others areas of my life.

At the end of the day, what makes YOU proud is all that matters in anything you are doing.

And more importantly- what fits your OWN definition of success is all that matters in any of your endeavors.

Sure people will have opinions- that’s on them not on you 👑

When you try to chase someone else’s dream or ideas of what works or what someone told you you ‘should’ want yes- you might get there. But it’s highly unlikely to give you the kind of satisfaction true success for YOU might bring.

Been there. Done that. Not my rodeo 🐎

A few years ago I got honest with myself that the forms of success I was chasing weren’t actually my own dreams, but rather what I thought I should want in the work that I’ve chosen.

You know- the empire vision. Aren’t we all supposed to want that? Turns out- not necessarily. And that is 💯 ok if that is what’s right for you.

When I let all that go, it felt like 5 million pounds lifted from my shoulders. And a whole new era was born professionally, personally & unexpectedly- physically 💪🏻

Recently I adjusted & refined these commitments to my own version of success professionally. And wouldn’t you know it, my body responded yet again with a massive breakthrough.

It’s all connected if we let it be.

It’s all possible if we go for it.

It’s all perfect if we’re clear on what the perfection is for YOU.

And then one day you’ll go out there & surprise yourself. Or the miracle email will arrive. Or the unexpected connection calls that you never could have dreamed of. Or the once in a lifetime opportunity that comes.

Or you know- life happens. It feels GOOD. And yours. And like the icing on the cake instead of a number you were chasing 🌟

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