The Soul

‘There is something magical about running; after a certain distance it transcends the body. Then a bit further, it transcends the mind. A bit further yet, and what you have before you, laid bare, is the soul.’
~ Kristin Armstrong

Excited to be back home today after a gnarly 12 hour solo drive in high winds yesterday (California Route 5- 1, Jen-0). My hamstrings feel like I ran two marathons yesterday from that drive 🏃‍♀️🚘🏹

And weirdly, my soul does as well with all the things I released along that loooooooooong stretch of highway that laid bare my soul in all the right ways.

Once I accepted what the drive was going to be, I got into a zone that made a difficult situation truly magical.

Amazing how training the body prepares us for SO much more BEYOND the body 😉

So excited to ground back home today, sit down to finalize my training & business plans for the next few months, rest for a big long run tomorrow & talk with my love about all the big realizations & soul stirrings that occurred on my trip up the coast this week.

That soul laid bare part? Might be the best description of my 2019 so far 🔥

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Become A New You

Wow what a summer it’s been ☀️

So much change. So much growth. So much fun.

I capped off the final weekend of summer with an easy 8 mile run at the beach last night 🏃‍♀️

Never in my life did I think I’d say something like that. Easy and running never were even in the same room, let along the same sentence up until a year ago.

But here I was smiling at mile 6 right before I conquered my hill on the leg home- and actually EXCITED to do so 😳

I spent the entire 86 minutes last night in awe of how far we can go in a short amount of time when we- ironically- let go of the timeline & surrender to things happening at their own pace.

You never know what can happen in a week, a month, a year.

I’ve always been in it for the long game instead of fast & furious wins- with business, with my body, with finances, with life.

And when that long game starts to pay off and you BECOME a whole new version of yourself, it’s like fireworks & fierceness joined together to have a rocking good time.

Last night was the first time I had a lot left in the tank after a long run & could have EASILY kept going. But now I’m learning the art of pacing myself & finishing strong- and it’s a whole new feeling to explore.

I hope y’all had a great last weekend of summer, and I say we all set our sights on some new horizons to conquer this fall. Shall we? ⚡️💥🔥

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26.2 Tattoo

An new tattoo joined with an old one recently 👑

Because sometimes you need a daily reminder of the Royalty that you are 🔥

And sometimes the visual proof that you can do Hard Things is needed in the moments when we doubt, fear, or seek to avoid what’s presenting itself as a challenge in life.

Because I’m a woman who believes that we are forged in the fire of transformation that comes from facing our fears head on 🔥

And while several Hard Things I’ve faced I would never wish to face again, the magic of 26.2 is one I will consciously choose again & again as long as my body allows me.

Because in the moments when I faced potential failure and actual pain along the course, I proved to myself how courageous I actually am.

Which translates into so much more in real life OFF the course than I could ever have imagined.

I’m a woman who lives with a high level of anxiety.

I’m also a woman who has some big ass dreams.

So it’s a daily practice to move forward anyway despite the fear & take action beyond the easy path. And lately it’s taken a little bit more than I’m comfortable with to wrangle with some old anxiety loops that tried to rodeo on in again.

My first marathon led me to an entirely new life on the West Coast. My most recent feels like it initiated me into the woman I’ve always wanted to BE. And I can’t wait for what the next one, and the one after that, and so on will bring.

I’m a woman who wears her heart- and her Truth- on her sleeve. And nothing could be closer to my heart & my truth than the dual fire of Surrender combined with the Queenly reminder of what’s possible when we say YES to the seemingly impossible.

These two have brought so much growth, magic & love into my life 💛

Starting a new training cycle this week for Disney Marathon 2020 feels like so much more than adding more miles. It feels like claiming my place in the world & owning how powerful we can be when we dream beyond what we think we can do 🔥

Feels appropriate that number 3 will be in Disney World where dreams literally come true- which means every mile of this training will be dedicated to the Queen that I already am & the Queen I’m dreaming into existence every damn day👑

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When I first met him my immediate thought was ‘Oh, there you are again. Let’s pick up where we left off, shall we?’

And so we have. And what an adventure it’s been. This Dragon and me- we’ve been through some mighty big things together and I’m pretty sure this isn’t our first rodeo 🐉🖤🌟

I get asked all the time if the black horse tattoo on my arm is Oliver. Fun fact- I got the tattoo 5 years before we met in real time. But he had been in my dreams for YEARS.

Sometimes we ‘manifest’ things but more often than not, what’s meant for us is simply finding its way to us in the right timing.

All we need to do it listen to the whispers, follow the crumbs, have the courage to dream, and wait for those right moments when it all comes together.

Then- it can appear like we manifest things out of thin air 😉

Great morning with my boy today always bringing exactly what I need- even if I didn’t know it 🐉👑🖤

Being Brave

“Being brave doesn’t mean you go looking for trouble”

Maybe. But sometimes where we find trouble is where we learn how brave we are 😜🔥🐉

If there is one thing I’ve learned over the years, it’s that being Brave is not something most of us are born with, but is rather a quality we choose & cultivate.

Sometimes daily. Often, actually 😉

I’m not an inherently brave person, and neither are most of the thousands of women I’ve worked with over the years.

We all have fears & insecurities just like everyone else.

But when the choice is made to do the Brave (for you) things, life begins to feel like an adventure- in all the right ways. And we get the opportunity to be Brave even when it would be SO much easier to stay in the safe & comfortable.

Because that nagging feeling? It isn’t going to go away Fierce One. And you know it.

Since almost the beginning, I’ve offered 2 hour sessions as a first step to working with me.

And the core quality of these sessions has always come down to Courage.

Courage to reach out & say ‘I need help’

Courage to say ‘Something needs to change’

Courage to say ‘I know I deserve more’

Courage to take the next steps, say the hard things, get vulnerable & maybe the biggest of all:

Courage to admit what it is you truly want in your life. And then.... be willing to become that woman.

All this to say- my 2 hour sessions are back with a new name & a whole new fire lit beneath them to harness this courage & help you become the bravest version of yourself.

They are now available to book on my website or through the ‘Book’ button in my profile 👆🏻 Space is limited so book soon or DM me with any questions.

And yes- your investment acts as a deposit should we decide to continue working together 🌟

When we allow ourselves to be Brave, the world opens up to whole new possibilities.

And I for one can’t wait to help as many women as I can to do exactly that 🔥🔥🔥

{Quote: Mufasa in The Lion King 🦁👑🖤}

The Path

Often we have no idea where the path is going to lead us. We only know we must step out there & go.

I had no idea that running a marathon in 2004 across country would lead me to move to California soon after.

I only knew I needed to do it.

I had no clue that starting a blog about my anxiety attacks in 2007 would lead to owning my own business.

I only knew I needed to start.

I had no idea that leaving my cushy finance job to teach yoga & be a personal trainer in 2008 would eventually lead me to become a Success Coach.

I only knew that I had to listen to the call.

I had no idea that moving to San Diego this week of 2014 would lead me to completely redefine my relationship with my body- and my industry.

I only knew we needed to take the leap.

I had no idea that buying a horse would make me confront my relationship with Power, money & boundaries.

I only knew when I met him that there was no other choice but to say Yes.

I had NO idea that going to Bali 2 years ago today to write a book about worthiness was going to change my entire definition of success.... and with it the trajectory of my life.

I only knew I needed to go do it.

I had no idea that signing up for a half marathon at the beginning of this year would yet again redefine my connection with my body- and with my husband.

I only knew I needed to take that first step.

I never knew the depths of transformation and heights of joy these decisions would bring me.

But damn am I glad I had the courage to make them AND act on them- daily.

Sometimes Yes- it’s huge leaps of faith or acts of courage.

But the real magic comes when we show up every day to SUPPORT those leaps & commit deeper & deeper until the changes can be felt in our bones.

Others may not understand- in fact it’s highly unlikely that they will.

But when you know AND you TRUST in that knowing? Hot damn anything becomes possible.

What do you KNOW you need to do next? Can you TRUST that you have the strength to see it through?

And- can you be just a little more BRAVE than you’ve ever been to take that first step (or hundredth, or millionth?)

There is where the deep well of transformation is waiting for you 🔥

Fierce The Program

You know those moments where you have so many words and are simultaneously speechless?
That’s how I feel about this epic week that solidified the work I do in the world, and the women I feel incredibly blessed to support.
A few years ago many of my clients began asking for more than the standard coaching I had been doing- with more sessions, longer time frames, longer intensive, retreats & more. I found that the more I stepped up & stretched my capacity to support them, the more they stepped IN to bringing their visions to life.
As I stepped into these higher levels of service, I began embracing something I had been quietly hiding from for years- the Fierce, loving woman within myself.
Without fear. Without shame. Without holding anything back anymore.
It was beyond any model I had seen of how coaching ‘should’ look but damn is it potent with what it’s become. But it took overcoming a lot of fear & embracing the unknown to begin offering coaching in the ways I do now.
But with each fear I turned into Fierce, the more I saw my clients do the same on their own path.
FIERCE is a word that has many meanings that I’ve been writing here for the part year, and it’s also the name of my new, VIP Level program.
The most expansive, inclusive, supportive program I’ve ever created.
I’ll be sharing more in the coming weeks about what it truly means to Turn Your Fears Into Fierce as well as how you can too, but in the meantime- if you have been looking for EPIC support in your project, business, job, body transformation or any endeavor you are in- this program is for you 🔥
I have SO MUCH MORE to say, but for tonight: the program is now Open for enrollment so book your consult DM me for more details.
I can only take 4 women at a time in this epic journey and one spot has already been claimed. Could one of the remaining spaces be yours?
Happy Friday Fierce Ones 🔥

The Importance of Rest

And then after a big push, we rest 👑

I’m still learning the balance of this cycle of action & recovery honestly.

I’m one of those people that lives life in go go go go until... I metaphorically unplug my computer & shut down.

Which works to an extent, but as I’ve added more challenges to my plate both physically & professionally, the importance of rest & recovery has become front & center these days.

I went through a period of my life where the hustle of growing a business meant I had ZERO capacity to take care of- let alone challenge- my body.

I was in hardcore stillness in one area while in non-stop hustle in another. No balance.

But as I began to follow my heart of an athlete once again & love my body by moving her, I began to find a new cadence with my business as well.

Push then rest. New challenge then integrate. Momentum then coast.

It’s been an incredible new tool to utilize... when I- ahem- remember that rest & recovery is a GOOD thing.

Because you know, an entrepreneur’s brain can go 24/7 if we let it- and Lord know I’ve dreamed of my spreadsheets & sessions when I’ve let it 🤦🏼‍♀️

So this week my body gets slow & easy recovery after Sunday’s race while my mind opens up to the new horizons I’m exploring professionally to take this message of Fears Into Fierce a bit bigger 🔥

I know action time is coming again real soon- a Full Day Client Intensive tomorrow, next races I just polished off my training plan for, plus projects I’m so excited to gets my hands dirty with.

And I’m finally sinking into trusting the timing & rhythm of it all.

A little more ocean time does the body good to prepare for the fire to come though. Always 🌊🔥🌊🔥

The Bling

I don’t do it for the bling, but damn it is pretty sweet once it’s earned 🏅

Here’s the thing: I was the kid who couldn’t run a mile if she tried.

Who actively avoided any such requirement in school.

Who wore a knee brace starting at 12 playing basketball because her joints were in pain from Lymes Disease.

Who figured out in college she could go for a run to blow off steam but came back in pain from said #Lymes acting up. But then would need the release again & suck it up in a cycle of release & pain.

Who pushed through the pain in her 20’s with marathons & triathlons but yet again was plagued by injuries until the doctors said no more running.

In retrospect, I wish they’d have told me no more drinking alcohol & eat like an athlete- but I certainly would not have been ready to give up that high-rolling lifestyle I was living yet.

Things changed in my life over 2 years ago when I started to seriously cut out drinking. My first race ‘back’ was 45 days after my last drink- and I don’t think that’s a coincidence at all.

This isn’t a sobriety post, but the reality is once the inflammation was gone from my body the pain disappeared & SO much became possible.

I remember when I started seeing a therapist soon after my last triathlon in 2007. No longer having running as an outlet pitched my anxiety & depression through the roof.

One of the first questions I asked her was: Do I have a drinking problem.

She said: No- you have a friend problem.

Turns out- ultimately it was both. But I was more scared of what I might lose from changing that I lost out on all I’d GAIN once I did.

There isn’t a day that goes by now where I don’t thank God that I finally had the courage to see just how much I could WIN by being willing to LOSE-

Lose the stories.
Lose the booze.
Lose the relationships.
Lose the excuses.
And lose the fear.

These medals aren’t just about crossing a finish line at a race for me; they are also the reminder of the gold on the other side of dropping all that doesn’t serve you so you can rise up to be all of who you are.

Perhaps what you need to lose is different than mine- or similar- and I hope you have the Courage to see what’s on the other side 🏅

Race Kit

Race kit ready for tomorrow’s America’s Finest City Half Marathon 🏃‍♀️🔥🌟

This one is super special for me- it’s the third race in a series of Half Marathons known as the Triple Crown here in San Diego.

I’ve been teary eyed all day in gratitude for trusting my body & my body trusting me on whole new levels this year.

I’ll be finishing something with this race that I never thought possible even 8 months ago- a total of 39.3 miles spread between 3 races to earn the Triple Crown.

I thought it was kind of crazy, but I knew I needed to go for it.

Fun fact: I ALMOST talked myself out of the first race in this series back in January. The training was HardAF & basically every long run I DEEPLY struggled.

A week before the race I convinced myself I didn’t NEED to do it.

That my body wasn’t ready.

That maybe I was dreaming too big vs reality.

And- I absolutely would have been OK if I didn’t run that half. Life would have gone on.

But- I believe letting go of any need/ ego attachments is what 🌟finally🌟 let my body surrender to the endurance process to begin to thrive instead of fight it.

The day before I still picked up my bib.

The morning of I drove with @waterhawksurf to cheer him on with all my things just in case.

I crossed that Start Line anyway with no expectations & no goal except to have fun & finish.

It took me a long time, but I did it.

Do you know- I felt SO good afterwards I came home & rode my bike?

Turned out not only was I prepared, my body actually wanted MORE.

And thus I caught the endurance racing bug again 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

Tomorrow will be my 6th race of the year & my first since the Full Marathon in June & I’ve got a WHOLE new outlook & approach for this one.

I’m nervous, excited & so ready to get out there again to test my limits & have a damn good time while doing it.

This will be a crown I never expected to earn but damn straight I’m ready to receive it👑