Hello Love,

Welcome to Celebrating Abundance: A 40 Day Practice!

Your introduction to the practice is on it's way to your inbox right now, and your first set of daily practices arrives tomorrow. 

This is an exciting adventure to embark upon, and one that I have seen thousands of women use to shift their relationship to all of the aspects of abundance available: Connection, Beauty, Love, Passion, Prosperity and more!

Over the next 40 days, you will receive weekly emails that lay out the daily prompts for the week, as well as supporting practices to open the gates of abundance.

If you are fired up and wish to go ALL IN and have all 40 days worth of practices NOW to work at a faster pace, you can purchase the 70+ page eBook now for only $27. 

Many women have taken advantage of this and the results have been super-charged.

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I’m so excited for you to join me in this adventure into the heart to see what magic the spirit of Abundance is just waiting to reveal to you.

Stay tuned- tomorrow morning you will receive your first set of Daily Prompts for the next week, and the party officially begins!

Abundance is all about love, sharing the wealth and connecting with others. So show us what you are doing, share with us how the practice is going, announce when abundance comes into your life!! We will be using the hashtags #celebratingabundance and #theunbridledlife on FB and Instagram! Please friend me on Facebook at Jen Blackstock and Instagram at JenBlackstock or my connect with me at my website


I can't wait to start this adventure with you beginning tomorrow. Keep an eye on your inbox for your first set of daily practices.