One Part Mystery School, One Part Workout, One Part Fierce Feminine Warrior Equals One Badass Embodiment Practice

In this BRAND NEW practice created by Jen Blackstock based on over 15 years of experience in somatics, fitness, yoga, meditation, movement, energy healing, mythology and the Priestess Arts, we explore what it means to fiercely show up for yourself, tap into your power, and from this place create miracles in your life.

What is a Fierce Miracle?


What does this mean?

It means showing up- Daily, Hourly, by the minute sometimes with your eyes wide open.

Embracing what life is gifting you.

And being willing to dance with the fires of transformation & passion over and over and over again.

Because women who embrace their Fierce Feminine Warrior- they are a force to be reckoned with- and it's my mission to help you discover these hidden {and sometimes not-so-hidden} aspects of yourself so you can create massive magic in your life.

Fierce Miracles Movement is an entire system of practices, body movements, workouts & meditations that have the potential to open you up to more love, more beauty, more grace, and more success than you ever dreamed imaginable.

Maybe reading the words Fierce Feminine Warrior sounds like home to you. You know that most of how you show up in your life is battle-ready: armor on, sword drawn and determined to win. And for the most part this path of battle has worked for you, but you also have a sneaky suspicion that a softer approach may be available. Because love- endless battle can get exhausting leaving you battered and bruised.

And you are ready to do something about it.

Or maybe the words Fierce Feminine Warrior quite frankly- scare you. You've lived your entire life doing everything you can to hide her, run from her, pretend she doesn't exist. But love- all of that hiding has created confusion, at times chaos, a holding back {or outright denial} of your deepest desires and somewhere- deep inside- you just know that there is a fierceness in you ready to come forth.

And you too love- are ready to play.

Or maybe you find yourself somewhere in the middle- where most of us reside. You get those sparks of passion- then lose it or have no idea how to contain it. You go to battle when you need to, but try everything you can to avoid it at all costs until you absolutely have to do something. Or maybe you've been accused of being fierce, bitchy, aggressive, 'too much', over-confident..... and you've been confused because you were simply showing up as YOU.

And so yes- you too are a warrior and you are ready to have some fun.

Because the thing is, as much as the Fierce Feminine Warrior has received a bad rap over the past-oh- several millennia, she actually is a force of:

Unconditional Love


Radical Forgiveness



Good in service to all of humanity

The Fierce Feminine Warrior is the lover, the muse, the warrior, the queen, the fire-keeper, the mother, the sister, the friend, the devoted, the crone, the CEO, the child, the maiden, the wife, the heroine, the risen, the healer.... and so much more.

She, is you. 

And you, are Her.

And the real key is this- she is not something to seek outside of yourself. She is not a force to go find, or have someone give you, or channel from outside. No- she is already inside you, and all we need to do is go in there and ask her to come out and play.

And so it's time to not only embrace her, but to embody her- with love, with confidence, with grace.

I invite you to continue reading below for the first offerings in this family of courses that explore the Fierce Feminine Warrior in all of the ways she moves, inviting in Fierce Miracles into your life.


Announcing our flagship Introductory Course:

Path of the Feminine Warrior- the first Fierce Miracles Movement course- is a 5-week journey exploring each of the main archetypes of the Fierce Feminine Warrior:

The Lover

The Warrior

The Muse

The Queen

The Fire-Keeper

Every woman has all five of these archetypes within her, though certain times in our lives require us to embody different qualities of each. What I have learned throughout the years is that the more we allow who we truly are at the core to shine through and ALLOW her to come through, the more we open ourselves up to the flow- of miracles, of grace, of success.

Each week consists of a PDF and Audio Practice exploring an archetype. The practice is a self-contained practice that includes:




Body Movement



And more.

For 5 weeks we will journey into the heart of 5 archetypes using the access points above. Each week will consist of a PDF Guide & an Audio Practice delivered to you that includes the practices above.

The body movement part of each practice is drawn from Jen Blackstock's extensive training in yoga, strength training, sensual movement, martial arts, ecstatic dance, Kalari and other forms of body expression. Each practice is suitable for all levels with options given for you to go deeper or easier, depending on where you are in your body at the moment.

Each practice will guide you in feeling the qualities of the archetype of the week so you can move towards embodying those qualities in ALL areas of your life.

Change begins in our cells- so the more you can feel something in your body, the more you have the power to create lasting change in your life.

The Introductory Course uses my proprietary The Heroine's Odyssey as it's backbone and is designed to give you an opportunity to explore the depths of these archetypes so you can begin to discern how to show up at certain time of your life. They are part of a larger practice that encompasses over 16 Stages of Embodiment that are part of the larger arc of what is possible in the journey to embody ALL of who you are.

All you need to do is show up fiercely for yourself in the process- and I guarantee Miracles will occur. 


Every week an Audio Practice plus PDF about the archetype we are exploring will be delivered to you.

Each audio explores one of the five archetypes with practices to embody this energy.

Prepare to move, sweat, contemplate and FEEL what it means to welcome this energy into your life or embody it deeper.

Investment: $150

Once you purchase your ticket, a Welcome Email from Jen will be sent to you within 24 hours with all of the details for your chosen series.

** Please note: this is the first time I am offering this series and therefore, we will be playing in the realm of experimentation, play and adventure into the heart of embodiment. The larger course this is a part of will be offered later in 2017 at a significantly higher cost. This is a great opportunity to gain access to these introductory materials before the general public {and at a lower rate} **

Wish to learn more about Fierce Miracles before committing? Feel free to contact me- Jen Blackstock- by clicking the link below and I will get back to you ASAP to answer any questions you have!