Welcome Warrior

For centuries, the Feminine Warrior archetype has been in hiding. Pushed to the edges of society as too much, too feminine, too raw, too POWERFUL, she has been forced to live out her full expression in the comfort of safe communities- if even at all.

Recent years have brought a resurgence of her grace and power to the forefront of many communities, yet the Truth of how to fully embody her and learn the secrets of her wisdom are just beginning to come to light for many.

What I find most astonishing is the sheer number of women who are beginning to embrace the warrior within- in all of the forms and faces she appears. 

The purpose of embracing- and embodying- the feminine warrior within is not to be more 'spiritual' or avoid real life, but rather to become even MORE human, more in the world, more powerful to do great work in the world. From changing your industry from the inside to growing your platform to social activism, the Feminine Warrior is a force to be reckoned with- and an unbelievable ally in standing tall in all that you stand for.

I've witnessed women from all walks of life embracing the warrior path- from women in finance wishing to change their industry from the inside, to lawyers wishing to bring more compassion to their work, to coaches and healers wishing to change lives, to stay-at-home moms who want to raise strong embodied daughters. The Call of the Feminine Warrior is ringing loud and clear right now- and she is calling you to embrace her.

While books, oracles cards and programs are great ways to begin experiencing her, I believe we are at a time in history where we need to know how to channel her energy and directly experience the grace & power available in all of her faces. Not in some new age spiritual way, but in real, grounded experiences we can take home and utilize daily to get out there and show up fully in the world.

The women who have the courage and heart to go there and step into the Feminine Warrior within experience something that most never do: a deeper relationship to True Wealth, financial freedom on their terms, and an intimacy with what I call the

8 Pillars of Unbridled Wealth:

Financial Freedom



Boundaries & Intuition

Beauty & Body Vitality


Light & Shadow Dancing

and Divine Connection.

This work is not for the faint of heart. But I'll venture to guess that if you landed here and are reading this, something deep within you has been feeling the pull to stand more in your power and tap into the grace available when we learn how to harness this energy.

Welcome to the feminine warrior Weekend

In each of these 2 day immersions, we journey with one archetype of the Feminine Warrior to meet her within you so you can experience a deep, intimate relationship with Wealth- done your way. Each of you has your own unique experience of how she moves through you, and each of you has your own access points to journey with her.

Each Feminine Warrior Weekend is an initiation, a dance, and a deepening of something that already exists within you. While these particular archetypes are the focal point, they are by no means the only entry-point for working within the energy of each weekend. The myths serve as a guide that we can bring to life in your own unique way.


April 14-15, 2018

What can I say about Aphrodite except love, love and more love. It's hard to imagine that a goddess of love could be a warrior, but if you have ever been in love you know: sometimes the fiercest battles you ever face are deep within your own heart. Sometimes the toughest battles happen within in the ancient art of falling in love. Sometimes it takes all of your strength to love the hardest one to love: yourself.

Spending time with Aphrodite is like a warm summer day- hot, sensual, sand and salt and freedom. Perfect for a spring weekend in Southern California to capture such moments to have with you forever. 

Aphrodite is the embodiment of not only love, but the Devoted Warrior- and the grace of her kiss can fill you in ways you could never imagine. 

4 Spaces Still Available


Mary Magdalene

July 14-15, 2018

Strong. Courageous. Wise. Warrior. Lover. This is Mary Magdalene. Though much of history had denied her existence for centuries, Mary Magdalene has recently been coming fiercely into the consciousness of many women around the world. Mary is not only the lover of Jesus Christ and in many ways, the embodiment of the mystic, and one of the fiercest women in history, she is also the warrior you want on your side on any adventure. Her wisdom and intelligence guides you as you traverse the quest you are on, and her courage helps you move forward past even the toughest of opponents- which often is simply yourself.

Part of her magic is in moving your body to find the edges of your strength, and July In San Diego will give us plenty of opportunity to do so. 

Mary Magdalene is the embodiment of strength and grace combined- a Courageous Warrior- and even a moment of her grace can be life-changing.

4 Spaces Still Available



October 13-14, 2018

Guinevere is the Queen of legends. Regal. Fierce. Sure of who she is and where she stands. Some say she was real, some say a myth. But either way, her legacy lives on in the hearts of women around the world. More will be revealed about this special weekend dedicated to her in the future. 

4 Spaces Still Available

Weekend Details

Each experience is it's own container. You may sign up for one or all of the weekends above.

Saturday and Sunday will be a combination of movement, activities to get in your body, group discussions and exercises, and opportunities to connect with each each other.

There will be plenty of space to explore, play and be in silence or community according to how you wish to be. 

What is Included?

  • Saturday and Sunday workshop time located in Carlsbad, CA
  • Group Dinner on Saturday night
  • Snacks and beverages throughout the weekend
  • All activities as part of the workshop (i.e. group excursions)

Please note that travel, accommodations, and other meals are not included. There are several reasonably priced hotels within walking distance, as well as Cape Rey Hilton Carlsbad and numerous Airbnb's as we are a beach vacation town.



As a stand-alone offering, each Feminine Warrior Weekend costs $775

Package of 3 Feminine Warrior Weekends:

Investment $2,000 {$700 each}

Submitting Payment is your enrollment.

I am open to discussing payment plans if you need to set one up, but please be aware that the entire payment must be made before the date of the event in order for you to attend. 


Jen Blackstock is dedicated to assisting and supporting people in positively changing their lives. She does this by offering people CranioSacral Therapy, coaching, spiritual mentoring, energy healing, information, advice and instruction.

She is not a medical practitioner. She does not conduct any medical or psychotherapeutic work or diagnoses, rather she offers her clients a body based awareness and spiritual perspective to aid them in their self –healing and self-empowerment. She does not make any claim that any of her services will directly heal, cure or otherwise change your current health and situation.

The advice and information she gives is based exclusively on her impressions and experiences. She makes no promises regarding the accuracy, relevance and quality of the information and the methods used in her work.

I have read the above information and know that if I choose to enroll in any program with Jen Blackstock, work with her, or attend her Workshops, I take full responsibility for any life changing effects or consequences that this may or may not have. I also understand that for this work to work, I will do my part in all of the homework, exercises and other tools that Jen suggests during a program and take 100% responsibility for doing so as part of this process.

Please also note that there are No Refunds on any program. Choosing to work with Jen is that- a choice- and you will get back what you yourself put in towards your own growth and healing.