Have you ever wondered:

What if I dared to Open?

What if dared to do things differently?

What if this life I live isn’t just being a woman, a body, a human… but instead goes deeper than the surface, higher than I could ever imagine, more magical than I can dream possible?

What if my visions aren’t just wishes, but are actually remembrances of who I AM?

What if I told you… all of this is possible, and more? 




For thousands of years, women have been in hiding.

Hiding from the world. Hiding behind the veils of supposed tos, obligations and shoulds. 

Hiding from ourselves. From our power. From our sexuality.

Hiding from our TRUTH.

Now, it’s time to rise up. It’s time to do things a different way.

Your way.

And you no longer need to do it alone. 

We’re at a time in history like no other, when the chains have been broken, the bridles have been removed, and the freedom to express yourself freely is coming into the light.

You have a path. You have a destiny. You ARE…


It’s time for you to start living, to come fully ALIVE .

By joining ancient techniques, theories and stories with modern day tools to guide you into living a life created by you, for you- free from the things that are holding you back

All you have to do is Dare to Open…. and step into your own Heroine’s Odyssey.


Then the only question is:

Who do you want to embody?

Are you bold and fierce? Full of courage to hold your boundaries, dance with the shadows of those things that no longer serve you, and chose another way? 

Are you a Priestess- regal and fair, seer into the truth and destiny?  

Are you primal, wild, free? Wild bacchanalia, wine and music and one with nature, with the earth? 

Are you wise, older than your years, always knowing what to do, how to heal, how to live eternally? 

Or are you love in the flesh. Aphrodite and Venus and a heart so big, so open you could love the entire world and yourself and still have more love to share.  

In reality- you already ARE all of them. You are HER. You are ALL, and ONE, and HERE. You already are the alchemy of human and divine merging together- always.


All you have to do is Open, Surrender. Trust in Grace.

This isn’t about change. You won’t become someone you are not, or some version of yourself that no one recognizes. 


This is about utter transformation through subtle changes and shifts. Transformation by working with the alchemy of the universe in the space of community to step into your own version of YOU- and bring that force into the world.

So you can be fierce. So you can be brave. So you can be love. So you can be free in your body.


This is the Church of... You are your own guru.

This is the alchemy of being utterly human and utterly divine in every moment.

This is the power of tribe and community to lift you up, teach you more, and be your mirror in whatever ways you need.

This is the land of doing things your way, on your terms, trusting where your Unbridled soul wants to go.

So join me in stepping into your destiny.

You need you. We need you. The world needs you.