All programs and sessions are available Virtually via Zoom or conference call, or in-person in Carlsbad, CA.

All of Jen's programs & intensives are holistic approaches to Embodiment with the goal of creating a custom experience for each client based on their needs on all levels: body, soul and mind. If something is feeling off in your body, we listen to your body to heal. If your business/ career are not progressing as you wish, we explore why. If your relationships are off- or nonexistent- we dive into what you really desire.

Because how we show up in one area is how we show up in all. And so- we dance in the fullness that is YOU so you can fiercely show up for yourself- daily.

Each program is completely customized to the needs of each individual client and are crafted based on the intention you wish to bring to this particular time in your life. Each program below is crafted so that in our time together we call on the strength and support that you need to fiercely show up for yourself- and the world.

To begin our journey you may either:

1. Book a Consult to discuss one of my Programs listed below OR

2. Jump right in with The Worthiness Sessions, a 90 minute adventure 1:1 with Jen to dive straight to the heart of the matter: Claiming Your Worth. If we decide to continue our work together after your session, we will discuss the options below in depth at that time.


Programs Currently Available for Enrollment


In this journey together, we turn the heat up to full blast to intensely address your deepest desires in walking the path of becoming who you wish to be. Available as either a 3 month or 6 month commitment, this journey may be the shortest time-wise of what I offer, it by no means is less potent. In fact, with the intense focus of lightening to bring to light the darkest places, we have the power for fast, furious transformation. 

Also includes enrollment in my group program, Unbridled Wealth.


For most, a longer adventure is what is needed to purify, heal, grow and vision into the future. Embody is your ally to help facilitate this process of walking the path with grace and fire. There is something burning deep in your soul and if you continue to ignore it, life will continue to give you the sticky & tricky situations you keep manifesting. Pain, heartbreak, drama, getting close but not quite where you want to be... and so much more.

Now is a time in your life when you are being called to stand in your power, declare what you wish to do and create- and get out there and do it. 

Embody is a 12 month program that includes bi-weekly sessions for the entire year, a full day Intensive with Jen in-person in Carlsbad, CA, plus email and text support between sessions, and more.

Also includes enrollment in my group program, Unbridled Wealth.


You have a vision. You know the path you are on. And you are ready to do what it takes to bring this vision to reality. To do so, it's time to get laser-focused on what it will take to bring this vision to life: The Inner Work as well as the Outer Courageous Actions. It's the process of getting so clear within yourself & so solidly in your power so that when you unleash your arrow, there is nothing that can stop it from hitting your desired target.

Revolution is my highest-level program in which I work with you closely for 15 months in the development of your business and your inner world/ mindset so that you are truly unstoppable in bringing your visions to life.

Revolution consists of 3 sessions per month for 15 months, a full day Intensive known as Awaken, email and text support between sessions, and inclusion in ALL courses, Events and Retreats that I hold during your enrollment in Revolution

This is my most expansive, high-level support available- and I only take a limited number of women at a time. There are currently TWO Spaces remaining in this program right now.

Also includes enrollment in my group program, Unbridled Wealth.

Not sure which option above is right for you?

I'm more than happy to get on the phone with you and help you decide what is the best fit.

After you choose your date and time, you will be guided to a short application to help me prepare for our discussion and help you get clear on what support you need.

After you have completed the short application, simply click Complete Appointment and we will be all set!

I look forward to speaking with you soon!


Jen Blackstock is dedicated to assisting and supporting people in positively changing their lives. She does this by offering people CranioSacral Therapy, coaching, spiritual mentoring, energy healing, information, advice and instruction.

She is not a medical practitioner. She does not conduct any medical or psychotherapeutic work or diagnoses, rather she offers her clients a body based awareness and spiritual perspective to aid them in their self –healing and self-empowerment. She does not make any claim that any of her services will directly heal, cure or otherwise change your current health and situation.

The advice and information she gives is based exclusively on her impressions and experiences. She makes no promises regarding the accuracy, relevance and quality of the information and the methods used in her work.

I have read the above information and know that if I choose to enroll in any program with Jen Blackstock, work with her, or attend her Workshops, I take full responsibility for any life changing effects or consequences that this may or may not have. I also understand that for this work to work, I will do my part in all of the homework, exercises and other tools that Jen suggests during a program and take 100% responsibility for doing so as part of this process.

Please also note that there are No Refunds on any program. Choosing to work with Jen is that- a choice- and you will get back what you yourself put in towards your own growth and healing.