Welcome Warrior,

Here's the thing- in this modern day and age, we have more opportunities available to us than has ever been possible before. Women are blasting through glass ceilings in the corporate world. Creating life of your own terms. Starting not just businesses, but empires. Pushing athletic limits. Relating to our own bodies in whole new ways, and so much more. 

It's a day and age where literally anything is possible if you set your mind to it. 

And yet- I believe we are only just beginning.


Because we are at the forefront of what I see as a total Revolution- not just in how we show up in the world, but how we show up for OURSELVES.

Which takes some serious faith, mojo and fierce love to blast past the cultural, societal, economic and spiritual programming we've been operating under. So many of the messages of how a woman should act, look, speak, show up, and BE are being challenged in every nook and cranny of our society. Old ways of defining our worthiness are being thrown out the window and entirely new stories are being written. 

And you- my fellow Warrior- are at the forefront of this Worthiness Revolution. 

Don't believe me? Trust me love- you wouldn't be here if you weren't.

I know it might not seem like it right now. Things might feel dirty or messy or so far from the place of worthiness that it feels like a distant impossibility. Or worse, you may be going through the motions feeling like life is good, but deep down you hunger for something so much more than the life you are living now. 

But you know. You've always known, haven't you? Deep down there in your heart.

That you are more than your job, your family, your circumstances, your body. That if you just could let go of the excuses and all the ways you think you need to be, you could finally step into all the ways you WANT to be. 

Maybe you want to be an athlete but have been running the story that you don't have the body for it.

Maybe you want to start a business but are scared to take the risk.

Maybe you have a book- or many books- inside of you but you believe you can never get published.

Maybe you......

Go ahead. Take a moment and get real with yourself here.

What is THE THING you've been saying you WANT, but have been living every excuse possible to not actually go for it?

Or worse- you've been tirelessly taking actions while subtly not believing it's possible- and so everything keeps coming up short of what you desire?

I'll wait.

You know what I'm talking about. It's that thing that is always there, waiting for you.

There it is.

Can you see it? Can you feel it? Can you TASTE it and imagine LIVING it?

That right there, is what is possible when you fully step into Claiming your Worth. 

So how do you go about Claiming your Worth?

In reality, it's as simple as choosing to do so deep down in your heart and knowing that you are Worthy.

In practice though, it can get a little more complicated. You see- we don't live in a vacuum where only our own thoughts and beliefs run the show. If we did, I believe we each would be leading very different lives.

Instead, we've been programmed, conditioned, and influenced by countless sources that together have created the fabric that run how we act, think, believe, show up and dream. These outside forces have created a story that we run about who we are, what we are here to do, how we are supposed to act, and maybe even most importantly, what is possible for us in this lifetime.

These cultural, economic, spiritual and academic beliefs have led many of us to accept a life that is good, but keeps us from experiencing a life that is GREAT.

That keep us in patterns of simply living, instead of feeling fully ALIVE.

Most never know it's happening. But many of you are now waking up- and once we've woken up to what is possible, there is no turning back.

The problem is sometimes we know we can't turn back, but we have no idea how to move forward- so we get stuck in this in-between space of conceptually understanding we are worthy, but not actually knowing what to do about it, the steps to take, or even understanding the new story we are stepping into.

And I believe a lot of the self-help, personal development and business coaching world has actually done more harm than good in failing to arm women with the most important piece of actually bringing your visions to life: Fully Claiming your Worthiness.

Thus, I am happy to announce a BRAND NEW session offering:



In this 90 minute session we get straight to the heart of the matter: 

Claiming Your Worth.

We do so with a blend of Body Intuition, Visioning, Reclaiming your Power, Business + Career Clarity and addressing your relationship with the 8 Pillars of Worth:

  • Beauty + The Body
  • Financial Freedom
  • Ambition
  • Initimacy
  • Community
  • Spirituality
  • Dancing with the Light + Dark
  • Intuition + Boundaries

Looking at this list, is there anything that stands out to you as being an area where you are not fully living in your worthiness? Maybe one is screaming at you to be heard, or maybe each one is silently calling for you to stop, drop in and listen.

Whatever the case may be, each forms a foundation in our lives that impacts how we show up, what we create in the world, how we navigate relationships and most importantly- how we view ourselves.

At the end of the day, it's the last one that makes all the difference. The moment you not only see that you are worthy, but believe it in the core of your being, is the moment when life truly begins.

In The Worthiness Sessions, we are going for that moment, that knowing, that faith.

Drawing on my years of experience both in corporate finance and 10 years of running a successful business, we'll get into your body and your heart to rewrite your story of Worthiness and set the plan for you to blaze your trail going forward.

I've opened up several of these sessions for March and April at a discounted rate of $200. If you decide at the end of your session that you wish to continue working together, I will send you information after with all the details of how. 

To book simply click below to get on my calendar and secure your space via PayPal.