The Fierce Collective

The Fierce Collective





There are FOUR key areas of focus that are the core of The Fierce Collective:

1. Exploring the difference- and dynamic- between success and worthiness by diving into the what Success means to you. By uncovering the hidden gems and ancient wisdom locked in your body, each woman in The Fierce Collective will have an opportunity to get clear on what she desires in her life- and what she doesn't. Which leads us into:

2. Vision Keeping. Each woman creates a Vision for what she wants to create for the month, year and beyond. Jen Blackstock holds each of these Visions and guides each woman in the steps she needs to take to bring those Visions to life. Other members of the Collective also hold the Visions for each other as well. 

If any member is unclear on their Vision, we step in to help you find clarity and unlock the next steps forward.

3. Movement- moving your body, taking actions in your life, business & relationships, and being courageous to do the things you dream of doing. This is where you walk your talk with the support of other women doing the same. It can be so easy to say you want something, and then get stuck in not actually DO-ing any of it. So sort of half-assing your way instead of stepping fully into being your Badass self. In The Fierce Collective, we encourage your fierce and ambitious side to flourish in a way that suits your body and lifestyle.... and that movement can literally change your life.

4. Honoring Who You Are- in my experience, most ambitious women have quite a bit of a rebel within them. And more often than not, we are secretly Alpha women trapped in a world where being an Alpha woman means one thing: She’s Too Much.

But you know deep down inside that you are- in fact- NOT Too Much, and you are ready to explore being ALL of who you are in a safe space so you can feel more empowered to do so out in the real world.

Each month has it's own Theme and often an archetypal mentor to assist you in journeying in your life and business. I purposely create the content and themes as we go so that I know we are 100% in the flow of where the group is headed and what I see everyone needs as their next steps. 

We also go deeper into aspects of how your Body & Wealth are connected- and how to cultivate that relationship to keep moving forward.

Each member is encouraged to have both a financial vision and commitment to her body/ movement/ healing that feels right for her throughout the length of our time together.

What you will receive with this LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP in The Fierce Collective:

  • We meet once per month via Zoom on the 1st Tuesday of every month at 5pm Pacific Time for a 90 Minute group call

  • Private Facebook Group for Members

  • Membership Page that contains ALL past calls since 2017. This is a library of over 30 videos of past calls that you gain access to work with in your own timeframe. Start at the beginning or choose calls based on what you feel drawn to.

  • One 2 Hour Open Session- this private, 1:1 session with Jen Blackstock is designed to open your heart and address the many areas of your life that you are seeking support in at this time. These sessions have been known to change lives- are you ready?

  • Access and special discounts to the private, invite only Queen Fierce Weekends, held Quarterly in Carlsbad, CA

  • And more!

So are you ready to join us in the Fierce Collective? Completing enrollment above gives you Lifetime Access to the group and all past classes. Your time is now- and I can’t wait to meet you.

** Please note that after you enroll, a link will immediately be sent to download the Fierce Body ebook. This link is only good for 24 hours, so you MUST download it within that time frame. A separate Welcome Email for access to the Membership Page will be sent within 24 hours as I personally review every enrollment myself **