CONFIDENT: 6 Month Program

CONFIDENT: 6 Month Program


In this journey together, we turn the heat up to full blast to intensely address your deepest pain and desires and bring your projects and visions to life.

Available as a SIX month program, this journey was created to spark momentum and build your confidence in whatever you are creating- be it in your body, your career, your relationships, and more. 

In CONFIDENT we begin with a 2 hour Session to blast the doors wide open, and follows with:

  • 3 {three} 60 Minute Sessions Per Month

  • Includes Email and text correspondence between Sessions


To Purchase this program with an up-front payment, please click Enroll Now below.

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If you desire the monthly Payment Plan of 6 Months at $1000 per month, please click below. Monthly Recurring Payments are processed through PayPal directly and will be charged on the same day every month for the 6 month commitment.

PLEASE NOTE: Within 24 hours of submitting Payment you will receive a Welcome Email directly from Jen Blackstock with further instructions of finalizing your enrollment in your program. In the meantime, please book your first 2 Hour Session to pick off your program by clicking the Button Below to secure your space. I look forward to working with you!

If you would like to discuss directly with Jen prior to purchase, please book a Consultation directly below.