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Hi- I'm Jen Blackstock, the owner + founder of The Unbridled Life and soon-to-be published author. Known by names such as The Calling Whisperer, Vision Keeper, The Fearless Poetess and Rebel Visionary, I am a force of healing and growth for anyone who crosses my path.

I began my journey with dual Bachelor Degrees in both Economics {with a Business Management focus} and Classical Mythology from Drew University. Not knowing then how these two degrees would come together, I trusted that I was being led on a path that would make sense at some point. 

Joining the world of Finance while still in my undergraduate studies through an exclusive Wall Street Semester where I studied with CEO's of some of the world's largest financial firms, I thrived in the world of Wall Street working my way up the ranks to become the youngest AVP in my company's history by the time I was 26 years old.

At the same time I was competing in endurance competition such as marathons and Half-Ironman triathlons, as well as being a Training Coach for the Team in Training Triathlon team in the Bay Area.

But while my career was wildly successful, my mantle full of race medals, and my social calendar overflowing, my spiritual life and body health were failing.

In 2008 I finally left the world of Finance to find the intersection of success, ambition and vitality. 

From an executive in finance to healer and coach, I went on to found two 6+ Figure Businesses in only a few years.

I love to blend my knowledge of the body, personal power and feminine mythology with real-world business sense, wealth cultivation and fitness knowledge. I believe that when we feel great in our body, we can show up more fully in the world- fiercely. My passion is riding my horse Oliver as much as I can, going to the beach in Carlsbad with my husband Matt + dog Apollo, and enjoying pizza in celebration of life and love.

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