The Artemis Den is the newest project of husband and wife team Matthew Miller and Jen Blackstock. 

Located in Carlsbad, CA minutes from the beach, The Artemis Den is a 700 square foot healing oasis. With driftwood floors, space for both movement and stillness practices, and massage area, The Artemis Den is ready to welcome you into her loving embrace.

Taking inspiration from the goddess Artemis of Greek mythology, our intention is for everyone who walks through the doors of the Den to immediately feel at home in their own skin. 

Artemis is known for many things in her myths and legends, but the core of what she teaches us is how to stand in our own power, embrace our sovereignty, integrate our masculine and feminine natures and perhaps most importantly, how to be crystal clear in our visions and trust that wherever we aim our arrow, we are sure to create into being. 

Matt and Jen are beyond thrilled to invite you in to experience The Artemis Den for yourself. 

Matt is currently booking clients for massage services several days a week. To learn more please continue reading below or click HERE to book your session today. 

Jen is currently working with women only at this time in her 3 month, 12 month and Mastermind programs. Jen also has several upcoming weekend events at The Artemis Den that are currently enrolling. To learn more about Jen please continue reading below or click HERE to book a complimentary consult with Jen.

About Us

Jen Blackstock is the owner + founder of The Unbridled Life. Known by names such as Body Whisperer, Vision Keeper, The Fearless Poetess and Rebel Visionary, Jen is a force of healing and growth for anyone who crosses her path. From an executive in finance to healer and coach, to star athlete in equestrian, swimming, triathlons and a short stint in women's rugby, to founder of two 6+ Figure Businesses. Jen blends her knowledge of the body, personal power and feminine mythology with real-world business sense, wealth cultivation and abundance mentality. Her passion is riding her horse Oliver as much as she can, hiking with her husband Matt + dog Apollo, and enjoying pizza in celebration of life and love.

Matthew Miller is the owner + founder of Water Hawk Massage in Carlsbad, CA. Specializing in Sports Massage and Deep Tissue, Matt has extensive experience working with a wide range of clients including executives, CEO's, athletes and more. He is especially well versed in holistic approaches to healing the body and believes that the foundation of success in any area lies in taking care of the body first. Matt blends his background as an athlete and professional diver with his education as a health coach and massage therapist to customize a plan for whatever your body needs to bring you to optimal perfomance. In his spare time Matt enjoys surfing, climbing, martial arts and cooking. 


To learn more about the Feminine Warrior Weekend events created by Jen Blackstock, please click the button below.