Welcome Worthiness Warrior,

I know you have something deep burning in your soul right now. For more. For your visions. For your dreams that feel sooooooooo close but not quite here yet.

I know, because I've been there. I've been exactly where you are right now- already having so much that you love in your life, yet yearning to take things further than you've ever taken them before.

Are you currently at a crossroads? 

One where you could continue along how I had been going- reaching success in ways I knew worked, living life good enough, hiding in plain sight from the deeper desires I wanted to bring forth.

A fire raged in me knowing the next steps I needed to take, yet deep down still not believing it was possible.

And the truth of the matter is- I was desiring systems of support to hold me as I made the bold moves and giant leaps- as well as the steady steps and mundane tasks- that make up the journey of living life from your soul.

When I was deep in this crossroads, I made a hard stop to listen deep within me- to hear the messages, meet new magical helpers to take me to these next levels, and access greater levels of true, personal power than I ever had experienced before.

And I came to terms with something I had known all along, but never had the words for before:

That the secret to my success has not been the strategies, blueprints or techniques.

Rather, the secret to my success over all these years- even before I owned my own business- has been an intense devotion to the Fierce Feminine inside of me.

She shows up with many names and faces, but the essence of her gifts are always the same:

Granting us access to our inner power so we can do the work we came here to do, hire the support we need to hire, reach out to the people we need to meet, set the boundaries we need to set..... and so much more.

This Fierce Feminine resides inside each and every woman and is really the secret to success of every embodied, radiant woman I know. A force that teaches you to stand tall in your desires, own just how powerful you are, and take bold actions to make all of your visions come to life.

The Fierce Feminine teaches you that you are worthy of everything you desire- and more.

The Fierce Feminine shows you how to trust the steps you are guided to take.

The Fierce Feminine cuts away anything that is standing in your way and gifts you with the Initiations that prepare you for your next levels of expansion. 

The Fierce Feminine takes you into the heart of your own Worthiness Revolution and shows you that truly- anything is possible as long as you believe in yourself.

The Society is the place where women gather to

claim their power as the Fierce Embodied Leader they know

they are here to BE. 

The Fierce Feminine Society blends the practical, the mystical, and the magical so you can soar to new heights not only in your business, but in EVERY area of your life.

Business. Body. Wealth. Love. Relationships. 

All are possible, all are within your reach.



  • You have had success in the past but your business and/ or career feels stuck, boring or like it's not living up to what you know is possible
  • You are motivated, ready, and willing to do what it takes to move forward with grace & ease- and just a bit of fire
  • You have done the courses, followed the blueprints, tried the strategies and know that there must be another way {hint: there definitely is!}
  • You know that running your business, holding your position in the company, or creating your art is a holistic endeavor that includes your body, mind, soul & relationships to truly succeed
  • You are at least a few years into your business or industry, already have reached some levels of success, and are ready to take it further than you ever have before
  • You are clear in your bigger vision but get stuck in all of the hows and details
  • You are desiring a community of like-minded ambitious women to share your wildest dreams and deepest fears with
  • You want both 1:1 support and a group atmosphere to grow in
  • You have a sneaking suspicion that the more you root down, the higher you can RISE
  • You've been drawn to fierce feminine models in books, movies, and myths and at times feel like you ARE them deep down in your core
  • You are ready to do what it takes to make your dreams come true

My vision for The Society is the coming together of women across industries who wish to lead the charge in being an economically empowered woman to effect real change in the world- no matter what field you choose to be in. 

My journey has been one of magic without a doubt. With that magic has come the alchemy of failure, of mistakes, of major triumphs, of visions coming true in miraculous ways- and so much more. And in that process, I've made close to a million dollars in revenue since starting at $25 a class teaching yoga. 

I know how to navigate both wild success AND massive failure- and I'm not afraid to keep putting one foot in front of the other day in and day out. I know that there will be peaks and valleys, and one successful launch or one big revenue month does not a successful business make. 

But I know- one determined business owner can literally move mountains. And the more in her power she is- the more worthiness she embodies- the more unstoppable she becomes.

I've guided hundreds of entrepreneurs over the past 8 years in a private capacity to navigate their own journey with this, and now I'm ready to bring together a group of women who wish to navigate it all together.

It wasn't until I was ready to give it all up that I knew it was actually a time to go even deeper and finally pursue the dream that's been here for so long.

The Society journeys into the depths of your business, your career, your soul and the art you wish to create in the world. Walking hand-in-hand with other women on the path who desire to do business YOUR way- without apologies.

We journey through the year to help grow your business or advance your career, navigate what feels in and out of alignment, getting totally in flow, and fiercely support each other as each woman RISES.

In my heart I know that if you are reading this and you are ready, you'll know.  


Enrollment will be open seasonally so as the program grows and expands, your opportunities to meet more women and continue your journey will also expand. 


  • Monthly Group Activation Calls on Zoom- each month we will focus on a particular theme & archetype of the Fierce Feminine and meet as a group for Activation of welcoming this energy into your life
  • Monthly Community/ Q&A Calls on Zoom for the community to gather
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Discounts on Private 1:1 Coaching Calls with Jen 
  • Discounts on Live Workshops: Feminine Warrior Weekend
    • Available at 25% off public pricing for the Adventurer level
      • January 12-14, 2018: Demeter/ Persephone
      • April 13-15, 2018: Athena
      • July 13-15, 2018: Aphrodite
      • You will be responsible for your own travel, meals and accommodation except meals included during workshop times.
      • Exact locations for each workshop will be disclosed upon enrollment.


You know if you have an adventurer within you- maybe you've met her and she's scared you, or maybe you have followed her and she's led to amazing openings that you now wish to integrate into the real world.

The Adventurer knows how to take risks. She knows how to take Leaps of Faith. She maybe even takes steps in her life that others don't understand, but always work out for her highest good.

Now she- YOU- are ready to take things further- to take the leaps of faith AND have success while doing so. To trust where you are going AND have a solid plan for your larger vision. To have a safe space to explore AND have the freedom to do things at your pace, on your terms, according to how you wish to participate.

If this sounds like you, The Adventurer Level is just for you.

Level 1:


  • Access to All group calls and trainings listed above
  • Discounts on Live Feminine Warrior Weekend workshops 
  • ** This level does not include 1:1 sessions with Jen, but can be added on an as needed basis


$950 Lifetime Access Payment

or $88 per month for as long as you are enrolled

Please Enroll for The Adventurer Level Below. ** Note that signing up now will grandfather you into this Founder Rate and allow you to maintain this special rate even when the price has increased to new members **


Level 2:

The Adventurer PLUS 1:1 Sessions with Jen

  • Access to All group calls and trainings
  • Enrollment gives you Lifetime Access with both the Up Front and Payment Plan option
  • Discounts on Live Feminine Warrior Weekend workshops 
  • This level does include 6 {six} 1:1 sessions with Jen to be used within 12 months. Each session is 60 minutes and can be booked when you feel you need them most {Stand Alone Value: $1,800}


$2,222 Lifetime Access Payment or 12 Payments of $199

Once you have submitted payment, our team will review and send you a Welcome Email within 24 Hours. Your Welcome Email will give you immediate access to the Membership Page as well as the program Fierce Miracles Movement: Path of the Feminine Warrior as my gift to you, to begin working with a few of the faces of the Fierce Feminine and enjoying her presence.

Jen Blackstock is the owner + founder of The Unbridled Life. Known by names such as The Calling Whisperer, Vision Keeper, The Fearless Poetess and Rebel Visionary, Jen is a force of healing and growth for anyone who crosses her path.

Jen began her journey with dual Bachelor Degrees in both Economics {with a Business Management focus} and Classical Mythology. Not knowing then how these two degrees would come together, Jen trusted that she was being led on a path that would make sense at some point. 

Joining the world of Finance while still in her undergraduate studies, Jen thrived in the world of Wall Street working her way up the ranks to become the youngest AVP in her company's history. But while her career was wildly successful, her spiritual and body health was failing.

In 2008 Jen finally left the world of Finance to find the intersection of success and spirituality. 

From an executive in finance to healer and coach, Jen went on to found two 6+ Figure Businesses in only a few years. Jen blends her knowledge of the body, personal power and feminine mythology with real-world business sense, wealth cultivation and abundance mentality. Her passion is riding her horse Oliver as much as she can, hiking with her husband Matt + dog Apollo, and enjoying pizza in celebration of life and love.