A Revolution of Worthiness

At first I believed it was a problem with my body. 

So I went to the doctors and the shamans. And I healed my body.

Then I believed it was a problem with my men.

So I sought out the therapists and the matchmakers. And I healed my relationship with men.

Then I believed it was a problem with my money.

So I went to the advisors and the lawyers. And I healed my relationship with money.

And then lo and behold, I believed it was a problem with my mind.

So I sat at the feet of the gurus and the teachers. And I healed my mind.

And wouldn't you know it, next I was convinced it was a problem with my business. 

So I hired the coaches and the strategists. And I healed my business.

And then damn it, I believed it was a problem with other women.

So I joined the sisterhoods and sat around the fires. And I healed the sister wound.

Then I couldn’t believe it- it was a problem with my anger and rage.

So I dove deep in the dark and did the Priestess ceremonies with the Dark Goddesses. And I healed my darkness.

Then I was dumbfounded that it was a problem with my boundaries.

So I cut out what no longer served me and had difficult conversations. And I healed the protective walls around me. 

Around the circle I went until I found myself yet again believing it was a problem with my body.

So I….

And so the spiral continued. From problem to solution, from wound to grace, from healer to helper to expert.

Until- I simply couldn’t anymore. 

Until I got utterly exhausted with proving, striving and healing. 

Until I got sick of my own shit and got fed up with identifying myself in all of the ways I had been. 

Until I had to stop and stare at myself, naked in a mirror, and see the truth.

See the worthiness.

See the revolution bursting from my soul begging to be seen. To be heard. To be shared.

This is my story, but it is also the story of every woman, every man, every human who walks this planet. For each of us the journey has appeared differently. But deep down inside, each of us are on an adventure to uncover the deepest secret of all:

That you are worthy. 

That I am worthy. 

That each and every one of us- is worthy.

In this day and age, it’s revolutionary to hold such a belief. 

Look around and you can see evidence on every corner that directly contradicts this, as well as evidence that exudes the gross characterization of- how shall I say it? 

Overcompensation for not fully believing this inherent worthiness to be true.

How do you own this revolutionary act of worthiness? 

How do you walk the line of belief in your inherent worth while staying in alignment with what is true for you?

How do you move from believing that worthiness is not something you earn, but rather is something you claim?

The irony of course being that there is no how. There is no magic spell, secret pill or healing technique that can do this for you.

Instead, it is a journey deep into the soul on what is ultimately the adventure of a lifetime. The inner journey that has the power to take you straight to the heart of the matter. 

It is this journey which we will be exploring in this book: 

The journey of wholeness. The journey of power. The journey of worthiness.

The only question is: 

Are you ready to join me?

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The Beginning of the Revolution

"Revolution doesn't have to do with smashing something; it has to do with bringing something forth. 

If you spend all your time thinking about that which you are attacking, then you are negatively bound to it. 

You have to find the zeal in yourself and bring that out."

Joseph Campbell, Pathways to Bliss

There is no denying that at this time in history, we are in the midst of a Rise of the Feminine

Some have called it Feminism coupled with a shifting of gender roles in an ever changing cultural climate where the standard definitions of male and female seem to be becoming obsolete. A last exhale of Patriarchy into a new paradigm.

Some have said it’s the Return of the Goddess. 

Some point out that it’s a natural evolution as society itself changes with the increase in technological advances where the world is becoming more & more connected.

Some cry out it’s the post-9/11 culture we are living- where nothing is certain anymore, anyone can become a hero {or a villain} and the drive to squeeze every-last-drop-of-life to live each day to the fullest has increased a thousand-fold. You Only Live Once, or YOLO as it’s become known- and the sentiment seems here to stay.

Some even say it’s the economics of a world shifting rapidly- where old systems of capitalism are crumbling and new economies are being born.

I say all of this is true- and more. 

I believe there is also something even deeper arising:

A Call from the depths of the hearts of women just like you from around the world who are ready to fully claim your Worthiness. To step into your Wholeness. 

To step fully into the Destiny you came here to fulfill. 

Without apology. Without letting fear get in the way. And certainly without the belief that you are not good enough.

Because woman- you sure as hell are good enough. More than good enough in fact. Worthy of all you desire. And more. 

All that’s needed is for you to Claim it. 

Which is exactly what I will lead you to do in the pages to follow.

So strap on your most badass boots. Put on the outfit that makes you feel so fierce nothing can get in your way. Clasp on the necklace and earrings that make you feel like the sexiest woman in the room. Pour yourself a glass of your beverage of choice- a tall glass of water, a cup of tea, a nice aged scotch, a glass of full-bodied red, or my personal favorite- a celebratory glass of champagne. 

And let’s get this revolution started.

Let’s warm-up with a quick history of what has led so many women to this tipping point of claiming their worth, moving beyond old paradigms of success, and rising up to join The Worthiness Revolution.


Feminism brought forth a generation of women who fought for equality and the end of Patriarchy. There is no doubt that women have always been strong. But for thousands of years that strength was relegated to the home- to taking care of the family, the homestead, the local community. But as the Industrial Revolution brought change to our economy, so too did it bring the strength of women out of the home, and into more of the spotlight. 

Now- books upon books have been written and while the rise of Feminism certainly is a thread in this book, it is not the focus. In many ways it has been the vehicle to bring about some of the other revolutionary shifts we’ll be exploring, but I wish to take us deeper for the purposes of this work into many of the other factors and influences at play.

The Divine Feminine:

If you have spent any time in the past few years in spiritual circles, social media or even now mainstream media like The New York Times, you know that there is a fierce rise in women connecting to their inner Goddess. Once a very fringe sector, the new- New Age is firmly on the scene. With this has come a surge in spiritual awareness has led to scores of women opening up to the ancient wisdom of the earth, the Goddess and Priestess lineages like never before. 

What was once called witchy, taboo, pagan or any number of derogatory terms has now become weekend workshops to tap into the Goddess within, ladies wine nights on full moons, mythology being spoken about at the dinner table, and so much more.

But deeper than these outward experiences is the deeper realization of women from all walks of life, faiths, and backgrounds that all of us are innately Divine. This realization of our Divinity paired with our Humanity has opened the doors to a revolution of not just of beliefs, but of true, lasting Embodiment.


Society is changing- rapidly- leading to an ever growing population with advanced forms of communication scrambling to adjust to women not only finding their voices, but using them. Loudly.

But I also believe that what we are experiencing is a total revolution that is shifting not only how we show up in the world, but more importantly how we as women show up for ourselves.

Platforms such as social media have allowed women to show up fully as they are, while at the same time creating a dark shadow effect of comparison, jealousy, and competition. Technology has changed the game around Ambition, Beauty and so much more, so we will be exploring the effects of technology in many of the chapters to follow.

Gender Roles:

Stop and think for a moment about how you show up as a woman or as a man in your household, family, community, work environment, and more. Now stop to think about how this matches up with how you would have been expected to show up 10, 20, 50, 100, or even 1,000 years ago. No longer are the standard male/ female gender roles set; in fact, there is nothing standard about them anymore. While many families may look from the outside that they are adhering to the traditional gender roles, what is happening behind the scenes is often far from that image.


This may be the area where the most subtle has occurred, but yet we are still far from true revolution when it comes to Beauty and our relationships not only with our bodies, but also in how the world at large views our bodies. This has been tricky territory for many women to explore, but have Courage you Worthiness Warrior you- we are going there together just a few chapters from now, and I promise you what’s on the other side will leave you breathless in anticipation of exploring even more of the Beauty within you. 


By far thought, the biggest shift seen in this shift from the Success Paradigm to the Worthiness Paradigm has been economically. It’s ironic that the largest surge has been since the Great Recession which started in 2008. While a greater percentage of women were in the workforce than ever before, they still were not receiving equal treatment to their male counterparts. And most women were not the primary breadwinners of their households.

There were of course a small percentage of ambitious women bursting through the glass ceilings, but the majority of women were still relegated to positions that did not allow them to fully expand into all of who they are- and all that they are capable of. But the seeds were planted, and the opportunities began to take root.

Then seemingly all of a sudden, the rug was taken out from under our feet as major companies, banks and small businesses closed overnight. What was once a thriving economy became a wasteland of foreclosures, bankruptcies, pensions & retirement funds lost, and a massive population of women, men and retirees having to find alternatives to the status quo. Or else risk losing everything.

Many did lose everything. More lost quite a lot. 

At the time I was working in the world of corporate finance, specializing in the tantalizing realm of underwriting insurance for Director & Officers of major banks and investment funds. If you’ve ever had a mutual fund or bank account with a national bank, chances are I was one of the underwriters on their corporate policy in case you ever sued them.

I was living the American Dream. Great apartment in a highly desirable neighborhood in San Francisco with a fancy car, a fat 401(k), annual promotions and bonuses I burned through without a second thought, competing in Half Ironman’s and wearing my fancy jeans that showed off just how fit I was. I was part of a hip group of friends who could get into any club on any night because we knew all the right people, and I regularly picked up the tab because I wanted to- and I could.

But my body was hurting, and my soul was suffering even more. I had all sorts of weird physical symptoms that doctors couldn’t trace, regular panic attacks, an addiction to both adrenaline and alcohol, and my love life was a hot mess full of beautiful men who looked amazing next to me but refused to commit. 

By early 2008, I was holding a huge secret that I could not tell anyone- because of the nature of my job, I knew that a potential recession was coming. Private meetings and emergency trips to see clients revealed to us the writing on the wall- the financial system was close to collapse due to the sub-prime mortgages that led many to believe they were living the dream. 

And I couldn’t tell anyone what I knew due to non-disclosure agreements. Friends would ask me why I wasn’t interested in buying a house even though I could afford it. I began aggressively saving money. I couldn’t sleep at night because I knew friends may lose their jobs when news of their company’s hardships hit the news, and I was powerless to do anything to help them. I started to plan my exit well before most would understand why I wanted to leave my job.

Of course if you were working during that time you know- soon layoffs became the norm, unemployment lines grew, and many retirees all of a sudden found themselves with pensions that disappeared and 401(k)’s that were worth next-to-nothing anymore.

It was like the entire financial system that supposedly contained the details and ‘proof’ of our worth was on fire, and the whole house of cards came crashing down. 

From those ashes of destruction- like a Phoenix Rising- 

arose a revolution

A revolution of people who longer trusted the security that a company seemingly provided.

A revolution of minimalism and going back to older ways of being, cooking, living.

A revolution of women who desired greater connection with their family, community, and the Divine. 

A revolution of spirituality, a return to the ancient ways that had been hidden in secret societies for millennia.

A revolution of men who opened up to the idea of women not only providing for the family, but often becoming the primary breadwinners. 

A revolution of Baby Boomers who had to go back to work or find sources of income, who found that by tapping into what they had always dreamed of doing, they could finally find the fulfillment they hadn’t even realized was lacking.

A revolution of technology that made running one’s own business with minimal start-up costs not only possible- but incredibly profitable.

And a revolution of women who began to realize that not only could they make a great living doing what they love outside of the walls of corporate, but also that they are worthy of all they desire- and more.

This revolution became a revolution of worthiness that swept the world by storm, and brought many women deep into the heart of transformation.

Eyes opened, bodies awakened, souls shook in the knowing that each person here on this earth is born for something great. Like the Age of Heroes in ancient mythology, a generation began to arise of women who can see their light- with the Warrior Spirit and courage to bring it to life. 

From the depths of a massive upheaval of our economy came forth one of the greatest revolutions of all time: 

The Worthiness Revolution

The book you now hold in your hands is your treasure map to begin your journey into fully claiming your worthiness, as well as your training manual to join the Revolution and become a Worthiness Warrior yourself. There are stages you must encounter, secret missions you must go on, magical helpers you must meet along the way.

A Worthiness Warrior knows deep in her heart that she is meant for something great. She has a spark of fire in her soul and a dragon waiting in the wings to usher her forward. 

She’s fierce. She’s courageous. She’s a part of destiny- even if she doesn’t know it yet.

Maybe you have an inkling this could be you. 

Maybe you already know it with all of your heart and you are bursting to let her come through. 

Or maybe you can’t see any of her in you yet- 

But you’ve heard The Call- and are ready for an epic adventure.




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Infinite Lightening

I believe The Worthiness Revolution is the modern heroine’s journey. 

I’m a mega-fan of Joseph Campbell’s work and have been studying the classic depiction of The Hero’s Journey since I was a teenager. If you don’t know what The Hero’s Journey is, think of your favorite epic movies, like Indiana Jones, Harry Potter or The Hunger Games. Each involves a hero-type character who at first appears to be not that special or worthy of grand honors. But then something happens that takes them on the adventure of a lifetime. They meet adversaries, must overcome obstacles, find their strength & courage and in the process, learn who they truly are. 

They follow the trail to their Destiny and despite all odds, come out victorious. 

Now- you might be thinking that’s great for them, but we don’t necessarily have massive journeys to undertake these days, wars to overcome, evil wizards to stop or countries to save. And you are right- thank Goddess.

But that doesn’t mean that each of us doesn’t have a Destiny to fulfill. For years I studied Campbell’s work and something always felt- how can I put this- not quite complete when it came to the feminine perspective. I would stare at the classic circle depiction of the journey and feel like it was close, but still too linear in a sense for what I was experiencing within myself as The Worthiness Revolution was arising within me.

How was the Revolution arising within me?

For many years, I was exhausted. You could say- for most of my life really. Everyone close to me knew my common response to anything was always “I’m tired”... Working way too much, constantly caught in scarcity mentality, taking on too many clients to ‘prove’ I was worthy, suffering from adrenal fatigue, and jumping on every course, retreat, program or session that I could to fix what I thought was broken- my body, my spirit, my ability to THRIVE. Even though the numbers looked great and everything was packaged pretty and neat, I was still ending my days worn out to the bone- yet hungry for more.

Somewhere deep within, I was living out the story of my core wound that I was not good enough to even be here living as a human being, and therefore was not good enough to thrive, feel awake and be alive {yes- core wounds run that deep by their nature}. And this was leaking into every area of my life- the old alchemical key of As Above, So Below living out in my life in real time. 

Undervaluing myself. Not owning my power. Living in a city that I loved, but no longer felt like home. Living with an amazing man, but he was feeling much of the same himself and we were leaking our power everywhere in the relationship {we’re now married, and it’s amazing. But more on that adventure later}.

I was desperately seeking for someone or something to become my hero and save me from…. well… myself.

When I had this realization- and threw a mini tantrum that I had let this story play out for so long- I started to make small changes that added up fast. I held my breath as I ended one company and started another. I began to read my old mythology books from college, massage courses and yoga teacher trainings voraciously. I traveled to Peru and did some deep excavating in sacred ceremonies. I faced- and made peace with- my biggest fear of losing it all...

Then- with a flash of lightening- on a redeye flight home to California from the east coast one snowy night, everything changed.

I was drawing in my journal unable to sleep due to turbulence, reading about and playing with the classic circle of the Hero’s Journey which started to morph and change as I drew. The names of the stages changed. Goddesses and animals appeared at each one. I saw women and men dancing to different beats along the path. A completely different shape presented itself to me. Then, it became 3-dimensional and pulsating as if it was… Alive....

{I promise- while yes travel weary, I was completely sober}

Then a flash of lightening hit outside my window, the plane literally jolted and I realized- I was so caught up in studying and loving the epic tales of heroes and heroines- that I was missing out on the most obvious lesson of the stories- 

I AM the heroine. You are the heroine. We ALL are the heroes of our own lives- we just have to open ourselves up to that possibility- and understand the journey as it unfolds.

You just have to OWN it- who you are, what you do, and what you were born to be.

This revelation-turned-revolution didn’t change everything overnight. Oh no. In fact, for a spell things got worse as I experienced every single place in my life where I wasn’t owning it, wasn’t listening, wasn’t standing in my own truth & power. And was seeking externally everywhere I turned.

But then, I started to make firm choices and took action. I asked the really deep questions and confronted the fire deep within me as to why I was feeling this way. I cut out relationships that were major drains on my energy- even though it was really painful to do so.

I made Liberation my battle cry and Celebration my daily mantra.

That drawing from the plane sat hidden away for months- I was scared to look at it, scared to see what had come through that night-yet I just couldn’t let it go. Until 6 months later, when I opened that journal again, took off the brakes, let the fire flow through me, and stepped fully into the shoes of a Worthiness Warrior.

From there, well- let’s just say- life changed radically. And a Worthiness Revolution was born.

For each of you, I know you will have your own definition of what the Revolution is, and how it shows up for you.

So what did I see that evening? How does the Feminine version differ? First of all, it became an Infinity symbol. And the stages began to represent the inner journey vs the outer adventure. 



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Worthiness vs Success

Worthiness vs. Success

For far too long we have been seduced into walking a path that did not lead us to ourselves. 

For far too long we have said yes when we wanted to say no. 

And for far too long we have said no when we desperately wanted to say yes. . . .

When we don't listen to our intuition, we abandon our souls. 

And we abandon our souls because we are afraid if we don't, others will abandon us.

― Terry Tempest Williams

Before we can get this party started and you can Warrior Up to join The Worthiness Revolution, we first need to have a conversation about the the fine line between worthiness and success- and how that relates to our ambition in the world.

According to proper definitions:

Worthiness is the quality of being good enough; the quality of deserving attention or respect.

Success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose; the attainment of popularity or profit; a person or thing that achieves desires aims or attains prosperity.

In the old paradigm that ruled the land before the Revolution, the words worthiness and success were often interchangeable. Your perceived level of worthiness to the outside world was reflected in your salary, income, social status, and many other external markers of success. Which often translated to your perceived level of worthiness to yourself, affecting how you viewed your place in the world, and your ability to move up or down the rings of success- and social status.

For many there developed a subconscious belief that one was only worthy if they achieved various levels of material success- no matter the internal cost:

He’s worthy because he’s a partner at the law firm. Coming from an already upper class background and going to the best schools available- family legacy at the Ivy League university didn’t hurt either- Mike was destined for success by following in his father’s footsteps. Even though Mike’s grades weren’t up to par, it didn’t matter because he had the highly desirable IN- and nothing was going to stand in his way of making sure that he not only lived up to what his family expected of him, but surpassed anything they had ever accomplished. Family name means everything and for all intents and purposes, Mike is the picture of success and worthiness…. If only it wasn’t for that lingering desire he stuffs down in the middle of his meetings or when he lays awake in fits of longing at 3am not able to sleep- that vision of being a musician that feels more impossible than anything he’s ever done. 

She’s worthy because she married a CEO. Gabby grew up on the wrong side of the tracks but had the looks that were going to give her the freedom she so desperately desired. Her single mother worked 2 jobs just to keep her and her sister fed and clothed, and she would always say that when she met her Prince Charming, everything would change. And change they did when Gabby met James. He was handsome and brave, and his start-up was the mythical Unicorn that sold for… well more than Gabby could ever even comprehend. They had it all- the trips around the world, the social media followings, the fashion week parties… But James silently battles with depression and severe social anxiety, and he secretly hates all of the fame. So Gabby takes it all on for both of them, smiling pretty for the cameras while crying in her penthouse suite every night wishing life could just be simple again. 

He’s worthy because his record hit platinum. For Johnny it was always about the music. Always. The first thing he could remember was picking up the guitar and singing, and really nothing had changed in his 35 years. Never did he question his purpose- even when record labels rejected him and bars wouldn’t even let him play in the open mic nights, something in his heart would just not let him give up. Then it happened- while living in his car and having no idea how he would eat that day, he was playing on a corner in NYC and experienced the urban legend in real life of being discovered. In a matter of months, his life went from gathering dimes to flying first class to studios and meeting all of his heroes. He had made it- and damn it felt good. 10 years later and he still is riding the wave of success- and doing it his way. The first record label wanted him to change his image, but Johnny stuck to his guns and artistic expression- and claims his worthiness daily by following his heart in every word written, note played, and picture posted. 

She’s worthy because she has two million followers on Instagram {or insert any social media platform here} and received the big book advance. Julia always wanted to be famous. And she knew she had the beauty that would help her get there. When modeling didn’t pan out and acting proved to be too difficult to pursue, she started an Instagram account to share her day, what she was eating, a few videos on her YouTube Channel, and more. She created a course about eating even though she has zero credentials- and made half a million dollars out of the gate. She was on to something. So she kept on going, posting day in and day out every facet of her life. Even when she didn’t want to. Even when she even got tired of herself. Then the book publisher came knocking at her door. She never wanted to write a book, but they gave her the money to do so. Now she’s in a contract and while her audience is foaming at the mouth to read what she has to say, she’s quickly realizing she no longer wants to say anything- she’s tired of living the perfect curated life, but sees no way out of the fame she created for herself. 

He’s worthy because….

She’s worthy because …..

I hope you get my point by now. Our place in society and our imagined sense of self-worth up until now has been intricately tied to how much we make and what our social status is. And in many ways, we are still living this old paradigm of measurements of success- and therefore of worthiness.

But if we look at the definitions, they are in no way the same thing. In fact, it could be argued that they actually have nothing to do with each other. 

He is worthy simply for being alive. She is worthy simply for existing. And therefore they both deserve attention and respect.

And then the outward manifestations of success become markers of various achievements of one’s life highlighting their own unique path, not indicators of how worthy or unworthy they are at their core.

Sounds straightforward, but for oh- several thousand years this link between the two became the measure of one’s worth. 

Old Paradigm:

If you have all of the outward signs of material wealth and success, that must equal that you were a worthy human being. And if you don’t have those external markers, then there must be some inherent lack in your worthiness that was causing it. Which then perpetuates upon itself.

But with the rise of The Worthiness Revolution came with it a shift. No longer did the outward manifestations indicate the true measure of one’s worth. 

Instead, the true measure of one’s worth became simply the

New Paradigm:

You are worthy. 

I am worthy.

Each of us born onto this earth is worthy.

It doesn’t matter how many cars you have or the job you hold or the size of the diamond on your finger. In fact, at the core essence of The Worthiness Revolution, all external markers of success take on a different lens:

Instead of these things being a sign of how the WORLD views you as being worthy, they have become direct mirrors of how worthy YOU view yourself.

With an added twist: No longer was the definition of success about fitting into a classic American Dream of white picket fences and 2.5 kids, but instead success began to be measured by each individual’s version of Shangri La.

All of a sudden it’s become more about how you FEEL about what you are doing in the world and how you are living it, instead of living the life that you believe you have to have. Success for a growing number of the population no longer means the steady corporate or union job that would give you a salary, a mortgage and chance to retire at 61.

Instead, success has begun to look like a million different paths that each led to one place- fulfillment. Expansion. Embodiment.

By removing the illusion of stability that the prior definition of success had created, an entire population has been given an opportunity to redefine exactly what success means for them. No longer are salaries and houses with a white picket fence the ultimate vision of success. For many, these had been attained only to be taken away abruptly, leaving many to not only release them, but no longer want them in the first place.

Entrepreneurship began to flourish and now is considered just as respectful as a corporate job. Newspapers like The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times began reporting that the tide had turned for renting to now be more financially advantageous than buying a house. Women began to shatter glass ceilings of income they never dreamed of achieving in a job, while also having a balance with life at home. A larger percentage of women began to make the empowered choice that getting married or having children or even being in a relationship at all is not their own life path. And many housewives suddenly turned hobbies into legit businesses that often saved their families from financial ruin.

The measure of success has shifted to be each person living out their own version of success, reaching for their own personal visions instead of the visions of prior generations. And the measure of worthiness suddenly became not how much you have or what you have accomplished, but instead became an inherent right. 

And for most, the journey to defining success on their your own terms is the journey straight into the heart of believing in your inherent worthiness.

And a journey it certainly is. If part of your path and destiny in this lifetime is to truly claim your worthiness and own it, likely you will face this exploration many times in your life. 

Chris has always has a deep connection to nature that helped him heal from sexual abuse as a child. When he graduated high school his family wanted him to go to trade school to become a plumber, mason or the big score- a nurse. Chris tried a few of these jobs but always wound up hurting his back, getting fired, or slipping into depressions because the boredom made him think about what happened to him, and that would send him spiraling. Chris knew deep in his heart that he needed to be in nature, and he deeply wanted to help others feel and connect to their bodies. So he left home and adventured around the world to find who he truly is- much to the consternation of his parents who just can’t understand why he can’t get a REAL JOB that has a pension a steady pay check. But Chris refuses to give in and pursues his passion, creating a 6-figure massage practice and surfing every morning- creating a more stable income than any of those jobs ever would have done, while also following his heart. 

Paul and Bernadette were the story of the couple who made it. Coming from a tough neighborhood they met at 17 years old and have been together ever since. They had a dream to go west and create a new life for themselves, and for 10 years they did just that- owning restaurants, being leaders in their communities. And then- the kids came. And with them- the pressures to be responsible. So they moved home, and they hung up their chef’s aprons for suits, and joined the corporate world. Being able to afford more than their families ever had, they gave their girls everything- from horses to high-end education to Disney vacations every year. It was the picture of perfect- but inside something was not fulfilled. Money was lost. People were hurt, and eventually they said No More. No more companies robbing us, no more long hours, no more selling our souls to keep up. They sold the house, quit their jobs, and eventually founded a non-profit. Little did they know at the time that this little non-profit set up to help people who had been where they were, would grow like wildfire- and reignite the fire within them both that they felt all those years ago out west that they thought had been lost forever. 

Jen had always been headstrong

When I was 12 years old, I was diagnosed with Lyme’s Disease. At the time it was a fairly-unknown disease that most doctors could not understand. The right half of my face was paralyzed for several months (as well as other symptoms) and my classmates had no idea how to handle it. It was the first time in my life where I truly felt unworthy. While I was scoring straight A’s and winning awards (success), I felt like the freak who couldn’t even smile when she went up on stage to accept them (feeling unworthy).

The same pattern repeated itself throughout my academic career. I was valedictorian of my highly-competitive all girls College Prep high school, but always felt like an outsider who didn’t fit into any group of friends. In university I participated in an exclusive Wall Street Program in the World Trade Center, achieving summa cum laude and graduating with a position at one of the largest financial firms in the world, but I was drinking heavily most nights as a way to fit in with who I perceived to be the most worthy (read: popular) of my classmates.

This double edged sword of living a successful life on the outside with a secret belief that I still was not worthy reached it’s peak when I was a successful executive in finance. I had all of the outward manifestations of what would be considered a ‘worthy’ woman. But inside, I still questioned deep down at my core whether that was true. If anyone had looked in at my life from the outside they would- quite frankly- probably have been jealous. I was living the dream so to say, and I did at times encounter girlfriends who expressed jealousy at all I had created in my life.

When I left that world at the start of the Great Recession and started my own business, a lot of the external markers of success disappeared. In fact, I went in the exact opposite direction- becoming a nomad in Bali for almost a year then seriously downgrading my home situation. Not able to find steady work while simultaneously making large investments in trainings I needed to get the required licenses grow my business, I went from a 6-figure salary with zero-debt, to severely in debt with no significant sources of income on the horizon.

Eventually, 18 months after leaving finance, I made the empowered decision to declare bankruptcy and take back the power in my relationship with success and money. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done, as well as one of the most empowering actions of my life that opened doors I never believed were even available. 

I had to experience the metaphorical Fall to Grace of an epic failure for the first time in my life to really truly face all of the parts of myself who believed she was still not worthy. 

Out of the ashes of that bankruptcy, I built a business and that set my soul on fire- doing things on my terms every step of the way. At times I felt like no one understood. There were days where I had no idea how I was going to make it work, but make it work I did. There were tough conversations, difficult decisions, long nights working way more than I ever had in corporate- but I made it happen.


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Worthiness Warrior

The soul doesn't seem to make the distinction between the light and the dark. It chooses both. It doesn't care whether you do something successfully or fail at it; it just wants to know, did you do it your way? Was it you who failed, or were you trying to be someone else when you failed? If it was you, the soul is happy, because it was your experience, your failure, and no one can take it away from you. The question is not: Did you fail, or did you win? The question becomes: Did you do it your own way? 

~David Whyte

Like most true revolutions, The Worthiness Revolution is not a one time and done illumination of the Truth that you are worthy; often it’s a day-by-day evaluation of how you feel, how you are living, being radically honest with yourself about what you are working towards- and why- and being courageous enough to both claim your worthiness daily AND take the actions in the world to support it. 

The true reflection of one’s own belief in their worthiness has become this:

What is YOUR highest vision? What are you being Called to do/ create/ stand for/ be in  the world? 

And how close to that vision are you currently living? 

The closer you are to that vision- that Calling- the closer you are to fully embodying your inherent worthiness. 

Closing that gap in between? This is where the adventure begins.

It takes some major courage to go on that journey. It takes a warrior spirit to face all the places inside (and outside) of you where you still don’t believe it to be true. It takes a feminine fierceness like nothing the world has ever seen before to journey through the inner realms and come out knowing the truth that has been there along.

It takes a Battle Cry unlike any chanted or heard before.

Say with with me now:

I am Worthy. I am Worthy. I am Worthy.

And my dear- if you are here right now, I’m going to venture to guess that there is something within you that is just aching to come forth in the world. A Calling. A Destiny. An Adventure. 

And a Worthiness Warrior ready to step out into the world and Claim it- All. 

You may be sitting here at this point wondering that secret, sneaky question that seems to seep in at this point- 

Am I worth it? Am I worthy of my desires? Am I worthy of answering this Call? Am I worthy enough to even be a part of this Worthiness Revolution?

I know I know I know- it’s that little- and sometimes HUGE- voice that says this is all well and good for other people, but what about me? Everyone else for sure this applies to, with the perfect marriages, great jobs, huge social media followings, big businesses, gorgeous homes, the banging bodies- THEY must be worth it. But what about me?

If I was playing a soundtrack for you as you read this book, opening this page would bring you to the song “Worth It” by Moses Sumney. Go ahead, I’ll wait for you to find it. Turn it on. Close your eyes. Let the words sink in- where he longingly sings acapella on repeat the phrase: 

But I don’t know if I am worth it…

By the end of the song you feel a sense deep in your heart of- 

Yeah, man, I totally get it and of course you are worth it.

It’s amazing how we can experience someone questioning their own worthiness and know the truth of inherent worthiness is of course true for them, but can not for the life of us see it for ourselves.

I hear you. Been there, done that, still fall down the rabbit hole myself from time-to-time. 

In fact in the midst of writing this book, I found myself in a beautiful hotel in the rice fields of Bali on a writing retreat led by a friend of mine. There I was- sitting in an epic room with cathedral ceilings drinking coffee, eating banana pancakes (my favorite) watching dragonflies swirl around outside the lush jungle getting ready to start a day of writing. It was an Instagram worthy moment no doubt, but more than that my heart felt so full and expanded in being immersed in the creation of what is now in your hands.

And then it happened. 

I opened the computer to come into the manuscript to get to work, and instead popped on Facebook just to ‘check in’. Thirty minutes later the retreat leader found me ready to burst into tears- sucked into a drama on someone’s personal feed regarding…. Well it doesn’t even really matter. 

What matters is that this is what we women tend to do when life is both going great and not so great.

We compare.

We question our own worth.

We dissociate, disengage, dismiss and diss others in a an attempt to both avoid feeling our inherent worthiness AND simultaneously deny that it ever existed in the first place.

And that is why it is so utterly important for each of us to step into our power, embrace embodiment and become Worthiness Warriors.

What is a Worthiness Warrior?

A Worthiness Warrior is any human being who fiercely believes in their inherent worth, is willing to go to battle to embody this Truth, and walk with courage along the inner- and outer- path of worthiness.

In ancient days there were stories and myths of gods, goddesses and heroes who roamed the heavens and the earth, teaching us lessons about who were are and who were are destined to become.

Whether these beings ever actually existed doesn’t matter. What matters is that they are the earliest recorded Worthiness Warriors. Epic tales of the battles they fought, lives they created, lands they acquired, love stories they lived. They taught us how to be brave, how to find our courage, how to face and dance with our shadows, and how to live a life fully by claiming just how extraordinarily worthy we truly are.

Beings like Aphrodite, Artemis, Achilles, Hercules to Jesus and Mary Magdalene and later Joan of Arc, King Arthur & Guinevere. Legendary heroes and heroines who pushed their edges, faced adversity and claimed their destiny- often no matter how big the cost. 

You may call them heroes or Goddesses. I call each and every one of them Worthiness Warriors. 


Because they weren’t just going to battle for fame or glory, and most never went into actual battle. Instead they fought the bigger fight of claiming their Worth. Embodying their greatness. Stepping into the very thing they were meant to do.

Their Destiny.

These particular figures were meant for the history books, and while that may be the destiny for some, for most of us making the history books- or even the news- isn’t what we came here for- or even in most cases even desire. 

But the magnitude of the Destiny does not a Worthiness Warrior make. 

Instead it’s the willingness to step into whatever it is that we are called to do, and to do so with all of our courage, grace and power. It’s the fortitude to continue even when it feels impossible. It’s the faith in some force greater than ourselves. It’s the finding courage, then finding more courage, then accessing even more- even if that courage is to simply get out of bed everyday and do that which you are called to do.

Facing the fear and doing it anyway. 

Putting on our big girl panties, strapping on our sword, pulling up our boots- and getting to the mission at hand.

It might sound overwhelming but I promise you whatever it is that you are dreaming of right now- even if you have never told a single living soul because it feels so far from what can truly happen- it is possible. 

And more than that, there is a proven path to walk that lays out the steps of the internal journey we must all walk to get there. This path is exactly what we will journey on together in Part 3 of this book. Because in case you haven’t guessed it yet, you too are a Worthiness Warrior. You wouldn’t be reading this book if you weren’t. 

I know this may seem far from reality for you right now. I know you may feel like you’ve already achieved or created everything you possibly can. But there is so much more, and the deeper we go on this adventure, the further we can expand our capacity for what is possible- and then get out there and create it.


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"I was born for this!"

"Go forward bravely. Fear nothing. Trust in God; all will be well." - St. Joan of Arc

Still don’t believe me? Still think that being destined for something greater than what you are experiencing now is only for others and not you?

I’m not here to convince you or tell you that something is true that you don’t want to believe. You may read up to this point of the book and put it down for 5 or 10 years until you feel ready to go any further- and that’s ok. Each of us has our own timeline and our own willingness levels to work with, and if something like believing you are worthy or even more so, that you have a great Destiny to fulfill seems like fairytale, then take a step back and return when you are ready. We’ll still be here, ready to welcome you with open arms when the time is right.

We have the all the time in the world. There is a reason why the epic tales and mythology still exist- they are timeless. They speak to a part of our soul that knows no time.

Take a moment and think of your all time favorite myth, fairytale or story of someone you know overcoming adversity to achieve something great. 

Close your eyes and imagine all of the details of this story. Who is in it, what are they doing, what adventure are they on, what destiny are they walking towards…. Tap into every nook and cranny of the story and see what stands out to you the most.

Now stretch your imagination and imagine yourself in this story. What character do you play? Who feels most similar to you? Who feels radically different than you, but deep down you wish you were like them? What destiny are they trying to fulfill? What treasure do they win in the end?

Are there any other details that stand out to you?

Now take a look at your own life. Ask yourself what this story is teaching you about yourself, about your own journey, about your own destiny.

Maybe it’s the story of Joan of Arc, one of the original Fierce Feminine Worthiness Warriors.

Born in France in the 1400’s, Joan was the daughter of peasant parents who fought for France during the Hundred Years War. At around the age of 13 years old she began to have visions of Archangel Michael, St. Catherine and St. Margaret giving her instructions of how to help her uncrowned King win the war- which at the time he was sorely losing. With her help, he was able to win the crown in decisive victories. 

At the time there were prophesies that France would be saved by a virgin- and Joan fulfilled those legends by stepping fully into her Destiny. She at first faced many who did not take her seriously, yet, she persisted in following the guidance she was gifted by the angels who spoke to her- most notably by dressing as a male soldier to hide her identity as a woman. 

Her vision and conviction was so strong she was able to gain audience with the uncrowned king and gain his trust. Her confidence in what needed to be done and authority it making it happen is unparalleled by even many women leaders today. There is much more to this story, and I encourage you to explore her legendary rise in whatever ways you are drawn. 

Unfortunately her story does not end with the happiest of endings in which she was burned at the stake by the British (most epic tales rarely do), but there is a lot of gold to mine from her story for any woman who desired stepping fully into her destiny. 

First stop a moment and feel what even saying her name out loud evokes for you:

Joan of Arc

Let the name roll off your tongue and roll around in your heart as she comes into your awareness. Images of a fierce female warrior in armor and leather appear. 

A powerful stance with sword in her hand. 

Fire burning behind her. 

An intense look of deep knowing of the job that must be done in her eyes.

An even more intense connection to the Divine that guided her in every step of her mission.

The embodiment of a fiercely feminine Worthiness Warrior. 

Only a woman who is clear in her inherent worth would take the risks that she took, would admit the conversations with the angels that she had, would dare to be a female fighting a male dominated fight.

That’s some major trust in just how deeply worthy she was. And is a shining example of the magic that can happen when we claim how worthy we are, gather the courage to face the battles we may encounter, and stand in our Truth no matter what.

Luckily for us the battles we have to face as a Worthiness Warrior today do not run the risk of being burned at the stake by the enemy. But the risk can feel just as real and equally scary when we are staring our Truth in the face and walking towards our destiny.

Not because we may burn- oh baby that’s not the risk. 

Rather, we fear it because we may RISE. We may rise into who we truly are, who we came here to be, who we are destined to become. 

And that may change things. That may change what our life looks like- in fact it most certainly will change everything.

But that’s the point love. 

That’s the whole bloody point. 

To change and ultimately transform into the most radiant version of ourselves that exudes a confidence that not only do we believe we are worthy, we take action every single day to embody and LIVE it.

And that takes some major courage- or as I like to call it, lady balls.

We can’t rise if we sit around all day trying to transcend reality or pretend that everything is alright in the world. What fun is that anyway? 

You came here to be a human, so why not use this as an opportunity to live this human life fully? 

I for one know that when I was sitting around meditating all day hoping things would magically change, nothing ever actually changed (and in fact, I went severely into debt and lost touch with who I am).

Rather, true Rising requires moving forward. Becoming a legend- even if its only within your own heart- requires courageous action. And Destiny requires walking towards it. 

And the first step is always- The Call. That moment when you hear the inkling or the siren saying there is something you are meant to do. There is an action you need to take. There is a journey you must embark on. 

That Call to step further into your destiny, combined with all of the other women around the world who are also hearing their own version of it, is creating a massive Rise of the Feminine. 

The world has never seen anything like it before. And I believe- we are just getting started. 




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Worthiness is a Choice

Before we go any further, I want to share with you a story about what happened with I first heard The Call to write this book. One morning I woke up with a start with the name The Worthiness Revolution on my tongue. I said it out loud a few times, loved how it felt but wasn’t sure what it was or how it fit in with anything. So I packed it on a shelf deep in my heart to explore when the time felt right.

It was early 2017, and though business was going well, something felt majorly off. So much so that I was secretly contemplating closing down my business for good. 

I had the paperwork sitting on my desk, was looking at opportunities in other industries, and found myself crying on the phone with my mom more times than I care to admit.

I had reached the rare point where the pain to continue as I had been operating felt greater than the pain to persevere. 

It wasn't one thing that led me to this place. In fact it wasn't even 5 or 10 things that led me to the mythical point of possible no return. No one to blame, no circumstance that caused it, no wound I could trace back to heal to turn things around. And it was beyond frustrating to have nothing but me, myself and I to figure it out. 

A bigger why, a bigger message was tearing at the seams to come forward, and a slow realization that my messaging was changing began to emerge.... and everything that wanted to stay safe within me was revolting against the change.

Revolutions happen just this way:

A slow creep of discontent. 

A Trickle of Mini-Deaths that slowly eat away at the soul. 

An ember that turns into a blaze that sparks a wildfire deep in the recesses of the heart. 

Until eventually that fire becomes so painful we either need to be consumed by it, or learn to dance with it's flames.

On the night in question when I was ready to shut it all down, I had received an email- a client was going to be late on her payment due the next day, and in a rare cash flow disaster I needed it to pay a large bill. My big shiny new program launch that was supposed to be my winning ticket didn't do as well as I'd projected and it caused a pinch that was more painful than I was accustomed to.

After a string of so-so performance on launches, my metaphorical well felt dry, and my spirit was questioning just how much faith was perhaps too much faith?

{Answer: too much faith is not even possible. If we feel like maybe it's too much, that's normally an indication we need even more}.

I had followed all the strategies- this time with every t crossed and i dotted. And it worked- just enough to keep me hooked into the system I had somehow found myself in.

But the Truth is, it wasn't a system I had chosen, but somehow had found myself in without even realizing it was happening. In fact, 9 years ago when I left my corporate finance job, I made three promises to myself:

1. I would never work Mondays again {because: freedom}

2. My mission is simple: To help others feel more ALIVE.

3. To always stay true to me, follow my own intuition, and to never follow 'the way things should be done'- above all other things.

And for the most part, this is exactly what I've done. Some Monday's I've worked because- well- sometimes we just need to. And my mission has remained more or less the same all these years, no matter the shiny brand it's attached to at the time.

But the staying true to my own intuition when evidence points to do things another way- that's been the hardest of them all. 

See when we start out on any adventure, we're all wide-eyed and ready for anything that comes our way. We take the risks, we make the leaps, we follow the whispers that take us exactly where we need to go, exactly when we need to be there.

It’s brilliant, and scary, and a wild ride. 

It's exactly how my business started out. I had no vision of being a coach or running an online lifestyle brand. I didn't even know they existed at the time!

Instead, I just knew that I wanted to help others feel better and live a life beyond what they thought was possible, and I was willing to do what it took to serve in that way. So I listened to the messages. I followed the signs. Signs that took me from yoga teacher trainings in San Francisco to retreats at Esalen, to more teacher trainings in LA and onwards to Bali- where my heart was blown wide open again and again and again. 

A four week trip turned into 7 months traveling across Southeast Asia, creating a real-life opportunity to follow my intuition with literally every single step I took {one of the first days there I didn't listen, and fell- HARD- splitting my hand open. That woke me up quick to the lesson at hand.} 

The only person I COULD trust on that trip was myself- and I was given a grand initiation into exactly that every single day.

When I returned to the United States, I was a changed woman. I knew myself. I knew what I wanted. I knew that I had a mission in the world and was willing to do whatever it took to make that happen. 

But what it took often felt like Herculean tasks. Living in a garage 'apartment'. Working 4 jobs while starting my business. Declaring bankruptcy. Starting at the bottom of the totem pole at studios, charging $30 for a massage, and more. Each step coming from a whisper, a deep knowing of:

Next this, now that, then on to this.

But I did it, because…. I had nothing to lose. And everything to gain. 

I remember the night where I told friends in a study group that I knew I needed a larger apartment to up the ante on my private massage practice. I was clear. Within 12 hours, my landlord emailed me to say he was selling the house, and I had 30 days to move out.

I had no idea how I was going to pay for another place, had a brand new bankruptcy on my record, and didn't even have enough saved for a down-payment. All odds were NOT in my favor.

But deep down inside, I knew what I needed to do. 

And I knew I was worthy enough to make it real. 

And of course, I found exactly what I needed, had more than enough money to make it happen, and met an 88 year old landlord that became not only my saving grace, but a dear friend the 3 years I rented from her. 

Over the years this story repeats itself countless times. A clear knowing. A sign from the universe to move forward. A I-have-no-idea-how-I will-pay-for-this-and-pull-it-off moment. A leap of faith. A falling deeper into trust. A Rebirth. Expansion.

Rinse. Repeat.

But a funny thing started to happen. Imperceptible really.

As my business grew, as my mission expanded, as the bills got larger, as more of my dreams came true, THE STAKES GOT HIGHER.

The pressure was more intense. The risks became greater. No longer did they impact just me, but my family as well- my husband, my friends, the animals under my care, my clients, my brand.

Suddenly with so much more at stake- and ironically even more visible in the real world to prove it- the embodiment of my worth started to slip slowly downward.

It started with my wedding, strangely enough. The day where I felt more me, more powerful, more loved than any other time I could ever remember. At the ceremony I felt on top of the world {and we even played that song as we walked down the aisle}. At the reception I felt love emanating from everywhere in my being.

I was whole. I was loved. I was worthy.

But in the days that followed, I learned of things that had happened behind my back that day. I was confronted with triggered friends who made the day about them. I was faced with places where I had let my boundaries become weak that had consequences. I had to face the parts of me that still didn't believe I could 'Have it all."

And in the midst of this, I went from running a successful business based on faithfully following the whispers of my soul and knowings of my heart with nothing to lose, to all of a sudden having EVERYTHING to lose- and a deep fear around that becoming so.

It was so sneaky, so stealth, that I had no idea it was happening until the fateful night when I was 'this close' to shutting down the website and throwing it all away. And even that night, these words- this knowing- were not present. 

It was sneaky because, somewhere in the middle of 'Dreams Coming True' and 'Fear of Losing it All', I gave my power away to strategies, blueprints, and game plans. I had done it before over the years and course corrected quickly enough.

But the fear of losing everything became so great this time, the pace of the predator stalking behind me that could take it all away increased, and the tiny voice questioning if I was worthy of having it all became louder.

Worthy to have a successful business that also fulfilled me.

Worthy of being married to a wonderful man.

Worthy of my dream of owning a horse coming true.

Worthy of amazing friends who show up.

Worthy of living in my dream home in my dream town.

Worthy of an incredible family who supports me.

And so much more.

In the past I was great at letting those doubts remain quiet, but in the aftermath of a Rite of Passage that took me into the depths of Initiation, the voices became louder and louder. Until it became clear that not only was I succumbing to the almighty "I'm not Worthy" syndrome, but was operating my business out of alignment by listening to what 'the experts' I hired thought was best for me, instead of what I knew in my heart to be true.

So in some ways, I had to take a hard stop. I unfollowed all of the industry superstars. I left a group program for the first time in my career. I did not offer renewals to a few clients as their programs ended. I hid behind The Unbridled Life brand name to take the pressure off me.

I cried. And wept. And raged.

A lot.

I laughed when I received emails from peers that said 'It looks like you are thriving and SO busy lately' because well- it was the furthest thing from the truth. I had depleted my savings making my dreams come true the year before, and the coffers that were normally overflowing had not filled back up.

The irony: San Diego was in the midst of pouring rain for what felt like months on end, ending the drought that had plagued us for a decade- and here I was watching that endless rain feeling like my drought was just beginning.

And so the tears flowed like the rain. I heard of not one, not two, but at least FIVE women in the self-help/ coaching industry who committed suicide within a month. And I felt all of their grief and pain as I processed my own unraveling.  

Every month I prayed that all would be taken care of, and every month it was. Miraculously. Sometimes when the bills were due I had no idea how the payments cleared- almost as if angels had inserted just enough to make sure we were ok when we weren't looking. 

The guilt and shame became unbearable. Guilt at having it all. Shame that something obviously wasn't working all of a sudden after years of living so fully in the flow. Guilt to put my husband through this. Shame to even tell my friends- or oh my goodness the internet!- where I was.  

This afternoon I read an interview of Lucinda Chambers who has recently been fired by Vogue. In it she says,

"You’re not allowed to fail in fashion – especially in this age of social media, when everything is about leading a successful, amazing life. Nobody today is allowed to fail, instead the prospect causes anxiety and terror. But why can’t we celebrate failure? After all, it helps us grow and develop. I’m not ashamed of what happened to me."

Deep. Truth. To. The. Heart.

The crazy thing is- I hadn't actually failed. But somehow something in me felt like a failure, almost calling it in because how could it be possible to have all of my dreams come true? 

Finally I had to celebrate that part of me that felt so, and a boudoir photo shoot last week- part of the wedding package I took months to redeem- provided the venue for the party.

There was something about stripping down naked in front of a camera that helped me feel my full strength and power again. See my vulnerability as a strength. Strip down all that I had to see once again that truly, there is never anything to lose.

And realize that even if we do fail at something, we still have our body to remind us that we are whole, we are free, we are Worthy.  

But as we know even when we feel free, failure {or even feelings of} can be like a bonfire that burns away all that no longer serves. And from the ashes rises the Phoenix who ushers in a new way of being, a new stage, a new light to shine.

From those ashes arose for me a realization that it's been time to tell this story, and introduce what has been birthed from the fires of my own rebirth.

And the truth is- during the few months I was in the thick of this, the only thing that kept me going was my clients- the sessions that brought me right back to myself. The intensives that reminded me that my mission is strong, and that I am changing lives daily. The words I wrote that if they rang true for even one person, kept me coming back day-after-day. 

It was my clients who kept me from giving up- and for those of you who are reading this, I am eternally, ever grateful for being teachers to me when I needed it most, even if you didn't know that's what you were doing. Thank you thank you thank you- More than you could ever possibly know.

Because it was this continuing to show up- when every metric of 'success' was telling me otherwise- that began to repair the leak in my soul that was draining my internal sense of worthiness faster than I could keep up myself.

Sometimes we need help.

Sometimes we need a lot of help.

And sometimes we need a massive revolution get the job done. 

And what it took was an absolute revolution. 

My first experience of The Worthiness Revolution- and I was 100% IN.

And this Revolution was spearheaded by a Reclamation of the Fierce Feminine within me.

The Fierce Feminine who introduced me to my power again in a whole new way.

The Fierce Feminine who showed me that motherhood shows up in a million different ways.  

The Fierce Feminine who gave me a channel to feel my rage.

The Fierce Feminine who taught me that unconditional love is just that- UNCONDITIONAL- and the softer we allow it, the more fierce the love can show up for us.

The Fierce Feminine who forced me to take a hard look at all of the areas where I WASN'T showing up- and forced my hand to do something about it.

Most of all, forcing my hand to reclaim my worth- fiercely.

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