"I was born for this!"

"Go forward bravely. Fear nothing. Trust in God; all will be well." - St. Joan of Arc

Still don’t believe me? Still think that being destined for something greater than what you are experiencing now is only for others and not you?

I’m not here to convince you or tell you that something is true that you don’t want to believe. You may read up to this point of the book and put it down for 5 or 10 years until you feel ready to go any further- and that’s ok. Each of us has our own timeline and our own willingness levels to work with, and if something like believing you are worthy or even more so, that you have a great Destiny to fulfill seems like fairytale, then take a step back and return when you are ready. We’ll still be here, ready to welcome you with open arms when the time is right.

We have the all the time in the world. There is a reason why the epic tales and mythology still exist- they are timeless. They speak to a part of our soul that knows no time.

Take a moment and think of your all time favorite myth, fairytale or story of someone you know overcoming adversity to achieve something great. 

Close your eyes and imagine all of the details of this story. Who is in it, what are they doing, what adventure are they on, what destiny are they walking towards…. Tap into every nook and cranny of the story and see what stands out to you the most.

Now stretch your imagination and imagine yourself in this story. What character do you play? Who feels most similar to you? Who feels radically different than you, but deep down you wish you were like them? What destiny are they trying to fulfill? What treasure do they win in the end?

Are there any other details that stand out to you?

Now take a look at your own life. Ask yourself what this story is teaching you about yourself, about your own journey, about your own destiny.

Maybe it’s the story of Joan of Arc, one of the original Fierce Feminine Worthiness Warriors.

Born in France in the 1400’s, Joan was the daughter of peasant parents who fought for France during the Hundred Years War. At around the age of 13 years old she began to have visions of Archangel Michael, St. Catherine and St. Margaret giving her instructions of how to help her uncrowned King win the war- which at the time he was sorely losing. With her help, he was able to win the crown in decisive victories. 

At the time there were prophesies that France would be saved by a virgin- and Joan fulfilled those legends by stepping fully into her Destiny. She at first faced many who did not take her seriously, yet, she persisted in following the guidance she was gifted by the angels who spoke to her- most notably by dressing as a male soldier to hide her identity as a woman. 

Her vision and conviction was so strong she was able to gain audience with the uncrowned king and gain his trust. Her confidence in what needed to be done and authority it making it happen is unparalleled by even many women leaders today. There is much more to this story, and I encourage you to explore her legendary rise in whatever ways you are drawn. 

Unfortunately her story does not end with the happiest of endings in which she was burned at the stake by the British (most epic tales rarely do), but there is a lot of gold to mine from her story for any woman who desired stepping fully into her destiny. 

First stop a moment and feel what even saying her name out loud evokes for you:

Joan of Arc

Let the name roll off your tongue and roll around in your heart as she comes into your awareness. Images of a fierce female warrior in armor and leather appear. 

A powerful stance with sword in her hand. 

Fire burning behind her. 

An intense look of deep knowing of the job that must be done in her eyes.

An even more intense connection to the Divine that guided her in every step of her mission.

The embodiment of a fiercely feminine Worthiness Warrior. 

Only a woman who is clear in her inherent worth would take the risks that she took, would admit the conversations with the angels that she had, would dare to be a female fighting a male dominated fight.

That’s some major trust in just how deeply worthy she was. And is a shining example of the magic that can happen when we claim how worthy we are, gather the courage to face the battles we may encounter, and stand in our Truth no matter what.

Luckily for us the battles we have to face as a Worthiness Warrior today do not run the risk of being burned at the stake by the enemy. But the risk can feel just as real and equally scary when we are staring our Truth in the face and walking towards our destiny.

Not because we may burn- oh baby that’s not the risk. 

Rather, we fear it because we may RISE. We may rise into who we truly are, who we came here to be, who we are destined to become. 

And that may change things. That may change what our life looks like- in fact it most certainly will change everything.

But that’s the point love. 

That’s the whole bloody point. 

To change and ultimately transform into the most radiant version of ourselves that exudes a confidence that not only do we believe we are worthy, we take action every single day to embody and LIVE it.

And that takes some major courage- or as I like to call it, lady balls.

We can’t rise if we sit around all day trying to transcend reality or pretend that everything is alright in the world. What fun is that anyway? 

You came here to be a human, so why not use this as an opportunity to live this human life fully? 

I for one know that when I was sitting around meditating all day hoping things would magically change, nothing ever actually changed (and in fact, I went severely into debt and lost touch with who I am).

Rather, true Rising requires moving forward. Becoming a legend- even if its only within your own heart- requires courageous action. And Destiny requires walking towards it. 

And the first step is always- The Call. That moment when you hear the inkling or the siren saying there is something you are meant to do. There is an action you need to take. There is a journey you must embark on. 

That Call to step further into your destiny, combined with all of the other women around the world who are also hearing their own version of it, is creating a massive Rise of the Feminine. 

The world has never seen anything like it before. And I believe- we are just getting started. 




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