The Beginning of the Revolution

"Revolution doesn't have to do with smashing something; it has to do with bringing something forth. 

If you spend all your time thinking about that which you are attacking, then you are negatively bound to it. 

You have to find the zeal in yourself and bring that out."

Joseph Campbell, Pathways to Bliss

There is no denying that at this time in history, we are in the midst of a Rise of the Feminine

Some have called it Feminism coupled with a shifting of gender roles in an ever changing cultural climate where the standard definitions of male and female seem to be becoming obsolete. A last exhale of Patriarchy into a new paradigm.

Some have said it’s the Return of the Goddess. 

Some point out that it’s a natural evolution as society itself changes with the increase in technological advances where the world is becoming more & more connected.

Some cry out it’s the post-9/11 culture we are living- where nothing is certain anymore, anyone can become a hero {or a villain} and the drive to squeeze every-last-drop-of-life to live each day to the fullest has increased a thousand-fold. You Only Live Once, or YOLO as it’s become known- and the sentiment seems here to stay.

Some even say it’s the economics of a world shifting rapidly- where old systems of capitalism are crumbling and new economies are being born.

I say all of this is true- and more. 

I believe there is also something even deeper arising:

A Call from the depths of the hearts of women just like you from around the world who are ready to fully claim your Worthiness. To step into your Wholeness. 

To step fully into the Destiny you came here to fulfill. 

Without apology. Without letting fear get in the way. And certainly without the belief that you are not good enough.

Because woman- you sure as hell are good enough. More than good enough in fact. Worthy of all you desire. And more. 

All that’s needed is for you to Claim it. 

Which is exactly what I will lead you to do in the pages to follow.

So strap on your most badass boots. Put on the outfit that makes you feel so fierce nothing can get in your way. Clasp on the necklace and earrings that make you feel like the sexiest woman in the room. Pour yourself a glass of your beverage of choice- a tall glass of water, a cup of tea, a nice aged scotch, a glass of full-bodied red, or my personal favorite- a celebratory glass of champagne. 

And let’s get this revolution started.

Let’s warm-up with a quick history of what has led so many women to this tipping point of claiming their worth, moving beyond old paradigms of success, and rising up to join The Worthiness Revolution.


Feminism brought forth a generation of women who fought for equality and the end of Patriarchy. There is no doubt that women have always been strong. But for thousands of years that strength was relegated to the home- to taking care of the family, the homestead, the local community. But as the Industrial Revolution brought change to our economy, so too did it bring the strength of women out of the home, and into more of the spotlight. 

Now- books upon books have been written and while the rise of Feminism certainly is a thread in this book, it is not the focus. In many ways it has been the vehicle to bring about some of the other revolutionary shifts we’ll be exploring, but I wish to take us deeper for the purposes of this work into many of the other factors and influences at play.

The Divine Feminine:

If you have spent any time in the past few years in spiritual circles, social media or even now mainstream media like The New York Times, you know that there is a fierce rise in women connecting to their inner Goddess. Once a very fringe sector, the new- New Age is firmly on the scene. With this has come a surge in spiritual awareness has led to scores of women opening up to the ancient wisdom of the earth, the Goddess and Priestess lineages like never before. 

What was once called witchy, taboo, pagan or any number of derogatory terms has now become weekend workshops to tap into the Goddess within, ladies wine nights on full moons, mythology being spoken about at the dinner table, and so much more.

But deeper than these outward experiences is the deeper realization of women from all walks of life, faiths, and backgrounds that all of us are innately Divine. This realization of our Divinity paired with our Humanity has opened the doors to a revolution of not just of beliefs, but of true, lasting Embodiment.


Society is changing- rapidly- leading to an ever growing population with advanced forms of communication scrambling to adjust to women not only finding their voices, but using them. Loudly.

But I also believe that what we are experiencing is a total revolution that is shifting not only how we show up in the world, but more importantly how we as women show up for ourselves.

Platforms such as social media have allowed women to show up fully as they are, while at the same time creating a dark shadow effect of comparison, jealousy, and competition. Technology has changed the game around Ambition, Beauty and so much more, so we will be exploring the effects of technology in many of the chapters to follow.

Gender Roles:

Stop and think for a moment about how you show up as a woman or as a man in your household, family, community, work environment, and more. Now stop to think about how this matches up with how you would have been expected to show up 10, 20, 50, 100, or even 1,000 years ago. No longer are the standard male/ female gender roles set; in fact, there is nothing standard about them anymore. While many families may look from the outside that they are adhering to the traditional gender roles, what is happening behind the scenes is often far from that image.


This may be the area where the most subtle has occurred, but yet we are still far from true revolution when it comes to Beauty and our relationships not only with our bodies, but also in how the world at large views our bodies. This has been tricky territory for many women to explore, but have Courage you Worthiness Warrior you- we are going there together just a few chapters from now, and I promise you what’s on the other side will leave you breathless in anticipation of exploring even more of the Beauty within you. 


By far thought, the biggest shift seen in this shift from the Success Paradigm to the Worthiness Paradigm has been economically. It’s ironic that the largest surge has been since the Great Recession which started in 2008. While a greater percentage of women were in the workforce than ever before, they still were not receiving equal treatment to their male counterparts. And most women were not the primary breadwinners of their households.

There were of course a small percentage of ambitious women bursting through the glass ceilings, but the majority of women were still relegated to positions that did not allow them to fully expand into all of who they are- and all that they are capable of. But the seeds were planted, and the opportunities began to take root.

Then seemingly all of a sudden, the rug was taken out from under our feet as major companies, banks and small businesses closed overnight. What was once a thriving economy became a wasteland of foreclosures, bankruptcies, pensions & retirement funds lost, and a massive population of women, men and retirees having to find alternatives to the status quo. Or else risk losing everything.

Many did lose everything. More lost quite a lot. 

At the time I was working in the world of corporate finance, specializing in the tantalizing realm of underwriting insurance for Director & Officers of major banks and investment funds. If you’ve ever had a mutual fund or bank account with a national bank, chances are I was one of the underwriters on their corporate policy in case you ever sued them.

I was living the American Dream. Great apartment in a highly desirable neighborhood in San Francisco with a fancy car, a fat 401(k), annual promotions and bonuses I burned through without a second thought, competing in Half Ironman’s and wearing my fancy jeans that showed off just how fit I was. I was part of a hip group of friends who could get into any club on any night because we knew all the right people, and I regularly picked up the tab because I wanted to- and I could.

But my body was hurting, and my soul was suffering even more. I had all sorts of weird physical symptoms that doctors couldn’t trace, regular panic attacks, an addiction to both adrenaline and alcohol, and my love life was a hot mess full of beautiful men who looked amazing next to me but refused to commit. 

By early 2008, I was holding a huge secret that I could not tell anyone- because of the nature of my job, I knew that a potential recession was coming. Private meetings and emergency trips to see clients revealed to us the writing on the wall- the financial system was close to collapse due to the sub-prime mortgages that led many to believe they were living the dream. 

And I couldn’t tell anyone what I knew due to non-disclosure agreements. Friends would ask me why I wasn’t interested in buying a house even though I could afford it. I began aggressively saving money. I couldn’t sleep at night because I knew friends may lose their jobs when news of their company’s hardships hit the news, and I was powerless to do anything to help them. I started to plan my exit well before most would understand why I wanted to leave my job.

Of course if you were working during that time you know- soon layoffs became the norm, unemployment lines grew, and many retirees all of a sudden found themselves with pensions that disappeared and 401(k)’s that were worth next-to-nothing anymore.

It was like the entire financial system that supposedly contained the details and ‘proof’ of our worth was on fire, and the whole house of cards came crashing down. 

From those ashes of destruction- like a Phoenix Rising- 

arose a revolution

A revolution of people who longer trusted the security that a company seemingly provided.

A revolution of minimalism and going back to older ways of being, cooking, living.

A revolution of women who desired greater connection with their family, community, and the Divine. 

A revolution of spirituality, a return to the ancient ways that had been hidden in secret societies for millennia.

A revolution of men who opened up to the idea of women not only providing for the family, but often becoming the primary breadwinners. 

A revolution of Baby Boomers who had to go back to work or find sources of income, who found that by tapping into what they had always dreamed of doing, they could finally find the fulfillment they hadn’t even realized was lacking.

A revolution of technology that made running one’s own business with minimal start-up costs not only possible- but incredibly profitable.

And a revolution of women who began to realize that not only could they make a great living doing what they love outside of the walls of corporate, but also that they are worthy of all they desire- and more.

This revolution became a revolution of worthiness that swept the world by storm, and brought many women deep into the heart of transformation.

Eyes opened, bodies awakened, souls shook in the knowing that each person here on this earth is born for something great. Like the Age of Heroes in ancient mythology, a generation began to arise of women who can see their light- with the Warrior Spirit and courage to bring it to life. 

From the depths of a massive upheaval of our economy came forth one of the greatest revolutions of all time: 

The Worthiness Revolution

The book you now hold in your hands is your treasure map to begin your journey into fully claiming your worthiness, as well as your training manual to join the Revolution and become a Worthiness Warrior yourself. There are stages you must encounter, secret missions you must go on, magical helpers you must meet along the way.

A Worthiness Warrior knows deep in her heart that she is meant for something great. She has a spark of fire in her soul and a dragon waiting in the wings to usher her forward. 

She’s fierce. She’s courageous. She’s a part of destiny- even if she doesn’t know it yet.

Maybe you have an inkling this could be you. 

Maybe you already know it with all of your heart and you are bursting to let her come through. 

Or maybe you can’t see any of her in you yet- 

But you’ve heard The Call- and are ready for an epic adventure.




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