Worthiness Warrior

The soul doesn't seem to make the distinction between the light and the dark. It chooses both. It doesn't care whether you do something successfully or fail at it; it just wants to know, did you do it your way? Was it you who failed, or were you trying to be someone else when you failed? If it was you, the soul is happy, because it was your experience, your failure, and no one can take it away from you. The question is not: Did you fail, or did you win? The question becomes: Did you do it your own way? 

~David Whyte

Like most true revolutions, The Worthiness Revolution is not a one time and done illumination of the Truth that you are worthy; often it’s a day-by-day evaluation of how you feel, how you are living, being radically honest with yourself about what you are working towards- and why- and being courageous enough to both claim your worthiness daily AND take the actions in the world to support it. 

The true reflection of one’s own belief in their worthiness has become this:

What is YOUR highest vision? What are you being Called to do/ create/ stand for/ be in  the world? 

And how close to that vision are you currently living? 

The closer you are to that vision- that Calling- the closer you are to fully embodying your inherent worthiness. 

Closing that gap in between? This is where the adventure begins.

It takes some major courage to go on that journey. It takes a warrior spirit to face all the places inside (and outside) of you where you still don’t believe it to be true. It takes a feminine fierceness like nothing the world has ever seen before to journey through the inner realms and come out knowing the truth that has been there along.

It takes a Battle Cry unlike any chanted or heard before.

Say with with me now:

I am Worthy. I am Worthy. I am Worthy.

And my dear- if you are here right now, I’m going to venture to guess that there is something within you that is just aching to come forth in the world. A Calling. A Destiny. An Adventure. 

And a Worthiness Warrior ready to step out into the world and Claim it- All. 

You may be sitting here at this point wondering that secret, sneaky question that seems to seep in at this point- 

Am I worth it? Am I worthy of my desires? Am I worthy of answering this Call? Am I worthy enough to even be a part of this Worthiness Revolution?

I know I know I know- it’s that little- and sometimes HUGE- voice that says this is all well and good for other people, but what about me? Everyone else for sure this applies to, with the perfect marriages, great jobs, huge social media followings, big businesses, gorgeous homes, the banging bodies- THEY must be worth it. But what about me?

If I was playing a soundtrack for you as you read this book, opening this page would bring you to the song “Worth It” by Moses Sumney. Go ahead, I’ll wait for you to find it. Turn it on. Close your eyes. Let the words sink in- where he longingly sings acapella on repeat the phrase: 

But I don’t know if I am worth it…

By the end of the song you feel a sense deep in your heart of- 

Yeah, man, I totally get it and of course you are worth it.

It’s amazing how we can experience someone questioning their own worthiness and know the truth of inherent worthiness is of course true for them, but can not for the life of us see it for ourselves.

I hear you. Been there, done that, still fall down the rabbit hole myself from time-to-time. 

In fact in the midst of writing this book, I found myself in a beautiful hotel in the rice fields of Bali on a writing retreat led by a friend of mine. There I was- sitting in an epic room with cathedral ceilings drinking coffee, eating banana pancakes (my favorite) watching dragonflies swirl around outside the lush jungle getting ready to start a day of writing. It was an Instagram worthy moment no doubt, but more than that my heart felt so full and expanded in being immersed in the creation of what is now in your hands.

And then it happened. 

I opened the computer to come into the manuscript to get to work, and instead popped on Facebook just to ‘check in’. Thirty minutes later the retreat leader found me ready to burst into tears- sucked into a drama on someone’s personal feed regarding…. Well it doesn’t even really matter. 

What matters is that this is what we women tend to do when life is both going great and not so great.

We compare.

We question our own worth.

We dissociate, disengage, dismiss and diss others in a an attempt to both avoid feeling our inherent worthiness AND simultaneously deny that it ever existed in the first place.

And that is why it is so utterly important for each of us to step into our power, embrace embodiment and become Worthiness Warriors.

What is a Worthiness Warrior?

A Worthiness Warrior is any human being who fiercely believes in their inherent worth, is willing to go to battle to embody this Truth, and walk with courage along the inner- and outer- path of worthiness.

In ancient days there were stories and myths of gods, goddesses and heroes who roamed the heavens and the earth, teaching us lessons about who were are and who were are destined to become.

Whether these beings ever actually existed doesn’t matter. What matters is that they are the earliest recorded Worthiness Warriors. Epic tales of the battles they fought, lives they created, lands they acquired, love stories they lived. They taught us how to be brave, how to find our courage, how to face and dance with our shadows, and how to live a life fully by claiming just how extraordinarily worthy we truly are.

Beings like Aphrodite, Artemis, Achilles, Hercules to Jesus and Mary Magdalene and later Joan of Arc, King Arthur & Guinevere. Legendary heroes and heroines who pushed their edges, faced adversity and claimed their destiny- often no matter how big the cost. 

You may call them heroes or Goddesses. I call each and every one of them Worthiness Warriors. 


Because they weren’t just going to battle for fame or glory, and most never went into actual battle. Instead they fought the bigger fight of claiming their Worth. Embodying their greatness. Stepping into the very thing they were meant to do.

Their Destiny.

These particular figures were meant for the history books, and while that may be the destiny for some, for most of us making the history books- or even the news- isn’t what we came here for- or even in most cases even desire. 

But the magnitude of the Destiny does not a Worthiness Warrior make. 

Instead it’s the willingness to step into whatever it is that we are called to do, and to do so with all of our courage, grace and power. It’s the fortitude to continue even when it feels impossible. It’s the faith in some force greater than ourselves. It’s the finding courage, then finding more courage, then accessing even more- even if that courage is to simply get out of bed everyday and do that which you are called to do.

Facing the fear and doing it anyway. 

Putting on our big girl panties, strapping on our sword, pulling up our boots- and getting to the mission at hand.

It might sound overwhelming but I promise you whatever it is that you are dreaming of right now- even if you have never told a single living soul because it feels so far from what can truly happen- it is possible. 

And more than that, there is a proven path to walk that lays out the steps of the internal journey we must all walk to get there. This path is exactly what we will journey on together in Part 3 of this book. Because in case you haven’t guessed it yet, you too are a Worthiness Warrior. You wouldn’t be reading this book if you weren’t. 

I know this may seem far from reality for you right now. I know you may feel like you’ve already achieved or created everything you possibly can. But there is so much more, and the deeper we go on this adventure, the further we can expand our capacity for what is possible- and then get out there and create it.


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