Working with Jen has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. She really understands the challenges of being smart and ambitious while also working with fears around worthiness and being successful. Jen is the perfect blend of intuitive and practical, and has helped me in so many ways. She has helped me create a relationship with money and my finances that is sustainable, profit-oriented, and actually feels fun. She has helped me deeply understand my body and how to listen to the signals my body is sharing with me in order to be at optimum health and happiness. She has also helped me learn how to set boundaries and speak up for what I need in all areas of my life- work, relationships, family, scheduling, and more. Jen is kind, she is fierce, and she has helped me be a better version of me than I realized was possible. If you want to feel truly worthy in your own skin and have a relationship with your body and your own power that is balanced, solid, and expansive, she’s the person to reach out to!
— Kate Marolt

I began working with Jen at a truly pivotal time in my life; it was an uncertain and extremely uncomfortable period of time that was dominated by fear and self-criticism. Jen was rooted yet passionate in helping to clear my mind, body and spirit of the past and the negative, and opening myself and my heart to the new, the positive and the infinite. Undoubtedly, I feel like a much more refined and strengthened version of myself and I will always be grateful to Jen for these amazing inner-and-outer shifts that she helped facilitate.
— Rachel- Carlsbad, Ca

Jen Blackstock ROCKs! Thank you for bringing us all together and for your healing presence in my life. I’m so happy I said YES all those years ago to working with you; my life has evolved in ways that continue to surprise me. Your support, love and guidance has given me the foundation to foster and share my gifts with the world!!! And to feel abundant in my own skin regardless of what’s happening outside of me... which of course has attracted more abundance!
— Gemma, Malibu, CA

I’ve been working with Jen one-on-one (remotely, and during in-person intensive retreats) since the spring of 2014 – biweekly, at first, and now, every week. I have also participated in several group programs that she has created over the past four years. Clearly, I’m a big fan.

During the time that I’ve worked with Jen, she has helped me navigate a series of difficult events, as well as the process of recovering from said events and learning how to better strengthen myself going forward. Working with Jen has provided me with a much-needed sense of grounding/stability over the past four years, especially over the past year of doing her apprenticeship program. As part of the apprenticeship process, she has helped me to uncover and make sense of my intuitive abilities, and integrate them into my daily, mainstream life – which is no small feat.

As an added bonus, I’ve connected with an incredible group of like-minded women by participating in Jen’s Fierce Collective.

If you’re looking for someone who can help you get to the next level of whatever it is that you’re trying to achieve – healing, career growth, relationships, anything – whether internal or external! – you’d be wise to work with Jen.
— Sarah, Seattle, WA

Jen is a true gift. I’ve been working with her since 2013, first as a Cranial Sacral Therapy client, then I became one of her first clients when she launched her coaching business and have been a super happy and grateful client from day one. I followed her from San Francisco to San Diego when she relocated. These days we have regular phone sessions and I also make the annual pilgrimage to Carlsbad to get my personal day with her—trust me those are priceless days that I would look forward to for several months in advance!

Jen has an amazing ability to tap into your energy and provides support and guidance in ways that works for YOU. I can truly feel this incredible stream of warmth and love coming from her in every session. She can peel through layers of confusion and stress on the surface and get to the root of the problem very quickly. I cannot count how many times when I got on the call with her I was in true crisis/panic mode and after just an hour I would get this incredible sense of calm and clarity. She’s been an instrumental force in shaping how I approach my personal relationships and career today. The last few years I’ve worked with her are truly transformative years and I consider her sessions the most valuable personal investment I’ve ever made on ME.

I also got to know a few amazing women through her Fierce Collective program. I can tell that she is very selective in forming the group; the group dynamic is very supportive and loving. We have shared our vulnerable moments and good cries while others hold us steady in this safe container. We also had lots of laughter and FUN together! I consider it an honor to witness the transformation not just in myself but in my newly found sisters.

Work with Jen. It’s so worth it.
— Z.S., Woodside, CA

My business has several facets and many different moving parts, and Jen has helped me to find a flow that not only helps my business to grow, but also allows me to be me and do things that help me to thrive - such as carving time out for family. I’m grateful for her 1:1 sessions, as well as the group of fierce women she brings together for wknd intensives and group calls. The support is invaluable. When I first started working with her I was nearing burnt out, exhausted, and very sick. With her advice I was able to keep my business not only afloat but growing during a time where I had to focus on my body and health to recover from a surgery. Now my business continues to grow, and I have way more energy, and look forward to each day.
— Alison M., Encinitas, CA

Working with Jen has been an experience I will always cherish and benefit from. She utilized many different tools to assist in your transformation and also offer retreats that will give you added opportunity to grow and bond with like minded and fierce business people.
— S.B., Carlsbad, CA