Redefining What it Means to be a Fierce & Ambitious Woman

Redefining what it means to be a fierce + ambitious woman


Being a successful, fit, strong and ambitious woman can be quite the heroic feat these days with all of the ways we are being asked to show up in the world.

Lean IN. Rise UP. Have it ALL. 

And these are just three of the catch phrases that seem to be running the show.

Career, family, community, body vitality, relationships, being of service in the world and more.... are all pulling on you to show up.

I believe that YES- absolutely it is possible to show up fully for all of this- and more.

AND I believe that in order for it to truly work- for you to truly succeed, you need to be doing so from a grounded, connected, soulful place.


By Turning Your Fears Into Fierce.

What happens when you don't? Nothing at first, until the body can no longer stand it and the soul begins to cry out in various ways to get your attention, like:

  • Weight Gain or Loss

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Physical ailments & pain

  • Spiritual awakenings & crisis

  • Feelings of failure even when all evidence points to otherwise

  • Burn-out and adrenal fatigue

  • Loneliness and isolation

  • Self-sabotage and

  • Longing for more.

The good news is, all of these are simply harbingers of change. Of being at the edge of your next level of expansion.

It may not seem like it today, but the pain you are experiencing right now- be it physical, emotional, financial, spiritual or otherwise- are all gifts pointing you in a new direction. 

Where? For each of us it is different, and that is exactly what I can't wait to help you find out.


Exclusive programs are available for those who desire individualized programs and deep support for life, business, body, relationship, money mentality or career coaching.

I help Ambitious Women like you get clear on what you want, take Courageous Action to get there & redefine what Success means to YOU.

I can't wait to begin our adventure together.

announcing a BRAND NEW session


In this 2 Hour session, I help you untangle all the stories & dramas that are play right now in your life so you can drop the shield of the Warrior that you’ve been carrying and step onto the battlefield as the Queen that you are. Even if the last thing you feel like right now is fierce or brave, parts of you are holding on and fiercely fighting what is coming from deep within you.

Being the Warrior has it’s time and place, but being the Queen is where the real transformation begins.

Being BRAVE isn’t always easy, but it is 1000% worth every step of the way. You know you need help. You know you need guidance. You know you don’t want to do it alone- and Fierce One- you don’t need to.

So take your first step by booking your session below and start to embrace ALL that you are.

Investment: $500

Please note: Payment is due at the time of booking to reserve your space. Your investment in this session can be used as a deposit for any program below should we mutually decide that longer-term support is what you need at this time in your life.

Not ready for a full session yet or wish to discuss all of my programs first? Book your free 20 minute consultation below:


About jen



Jen Blackstock is the owner + founder of The Unbridled Life. Jen is a force of healing and growth for anyone who crosses her path.

Jen began her journey as Valedictorian at Ursuline Academy in Wilmington, DE in 1998, going on to graduate summa cum laude with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics with a Business Management focus from Drew University in Madison, NJ in 2002.

Having joined the world of Finance while still in her undergraduate studies through an exclusive Wall Street Semester where she studied with executives of some of the world's largest financial firms, Jen thrived in the world of Wall Street & finance- working her way up the ranks to become the youngest VP in her company's history by the time she was 26 years old.

At the same time Jen was competing in endurance competitions such as marathons and triathlons, as well as being a Training Captain for the Team in Training Triathlon team in the Bay Area.

But while her career was wildly successful, her mantle full of race medals, and her social calendar overflowing, her spiritual life and body health were failing.

In 2008 Jen finally left the world of Finance to find the intersection of success, ambition and vitality. From an executive in finance to healer and coach, Jen went on to found two 6+ Figure Businesses in only a few years while learning how to fiercely love her body to be strong, full of vitality and thriving.

Jen blends her knowledge of the body, personal power and feminine mythology with real-world business sense, wealth cultivation and fitness knowledge. She believes that when we feel great in our body, we can show up in the world- fiercely. 

Her passion is riding her horse Oliver as much as she can, running in local half and full-marathons, going to the beach in Carlsbad with her husband Matt + dog Apollo, and enjoying pizza & donuts in celebration of life and love.

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