Every change has to start somewhere.

Sometimes it’s a subtle shift that takes years to even notice.

Sometimes it’s a tug on your heart that just.won’

Sometimes it’s a swift kick in the ass that came seemingly out of nowhere. But it didn’t- you saw it coming, you knew the choices you needed to make but didn’t- and so God made the choice for you.

No matter how it’s showing up, this change is nothing short of a REVOLUTION.

A Revolution of your heart. A Revolution of your soul. A Revolution of your Body. A Revolution of your Business or Career. A Revolution o your Relationships. And a Revolution of YOU.

Whether you are just now feeling the stirs of this Revolution or are deeply in the midst of it, this session is for you.

Consider it the first step in having Fierce Support as you transverse this Revolution that is taking you by storm.

In this program, I help you untangle all the stories & dramas that are play right now in your life so you can drop the shield of the Warrior that you’ve been carrying and step onto the battlefield as the Queen that you are. Even if the last thing you feel like right now is fierce or battle-ready, I guarantee parts of you are holding on and fiercely fighting what is coming from deep within you.

Being the Warrior has it’s time and place, but being the Queen of your Revolution is where the real transformation begins.

Revolutions aren’t always easy, but they are 1000% worth every step of the way. You know you need help. You know you need guidance. You know you don’t want to do it alone- and Fierce One- you don’t need to.

So take your first step by booking your Consultation below and start to embrace the Queen that you are. Your investment in this session can be used as a deposit for any program should we mutually decide that longer-term support is what you need at this time in your life.