“We’re so engaged in doing things to achieve purposes of outer value that we forget the inner value, the rapture that is associated with being alive, is what it is all about.”
— Joseph Campbell

Jen Blackstock


Before we even begin, I have a confession to make:

I am a woman who used to be ruled by her anxiety.

Deep down inside- if I was letting my fears run the show every day- exists a quiet, shy, socially anxious and risk-adverse woman who would way prefer living a private, quiet life writing books & spending hours alone.

But that’s the me that exists when I’m living in my fears and forgetting my fierce.

Because there is also a me that knows I was born for more. Who has a fierce desire to change the world one woman at a time, and who has an ambition far beyond what even I believe I’m capable of most of the time.

At some point though, we all reach the proverbial crossroads where the calling to do more becomes greater than the fears that are trying to stop us.

What I do now- leading a public life, speaking all day long and supporting so many incredible women around the world- was never something I thought I could do. My fear was telling me it was too much. That the dream was too much. But my heart knew otherwise.

To say that I am passionately in love with what I do- supporting women in dropping their fears and stepping into their Fierce- is an understatement.

I live and breathe to do this work.

I get a little too excited each time a new women books time to speak with me.

I bask in celebration right there with you when the wins start pouring in.

I often dream of new business ideas, angles, creative projects and more for the women in my programs.

I end each day with a smile of satisfaction at a day well spent.

And I jump out of bed every morning excited when my schedule is fully booked with a day of radical transformation for my clients ahead.

Because it always allows radical transformation for me as well to Show Up as fully and as Fiercely as I can. And THAT is greater than any fear I can ever have.

But it wasn’t always this way. For over 30 years I lived in a constant battle between these two sides of myself. On one hand having a fierce fire to DO and BE in the world, and on another hand being so scared of my own power I’d let my fear stop me as soon as I started to get momentum.

Interestingly enough, I always achieved high levels of success according to the outside world. But behind the scenes, fear was still running the show.

Until I learned how to turn those fears into my fierce, standing in my power and having the courage to see just how worthy each an every one of us is to shine.

It was nothing short of a Revolution-

A Worthiness Revolution.

And the first step, was Turning My Fears Into My Fierce.

I haven’t always been the woman you see in the pictures here. In fact, for years I struggled with health problems, unfulfilling jobs that were 'successful', bad relationships, broken hearts and tales of living a life completely bridled by my fears and worries.

I grew up on a small horse farm in New Jersey, and on most summer afternoons you could find me in the pool or in the barn, immersing myself in nature with the cats, dogs, horses and other wildlife.

I was always the awkward girl- from age 2 to about 4, I stopped talking to anyone outside of my family. No one knows why. I just turned inward. This was beyond shy- this was introvert to the extreme. Then as my dad fondly puts it, one day I spoke and then never shut up. I don’t think it was that extreme- but I did grow up with this story and always thought I was shy, or there was ‘something’ wrong with me for having been this way as a child.

At age 11, I was diagnosed with Lyme’s Disease after the right side of my face was paralyzed with Bells Palsy. After intensive treatments, my face reached a ‘cosmetically acceptable’ place, but I never felt quite right. As a teenager it always made me feel self-conscious- like I was deformed. Add in glasses, being the first girl in my class to ‘develop’ and being about 50 pounds overweight,


So I buried myself in my studies and worked hard to be top in my class in high school and college- becoming engrossed in an odd combination of subjects: business/ economics and… mythology/ religion/ anthropology. At the time, these two conflicting realms made no sense, but now it seems perfect preparation for my work today.

After completing a highly competitive Wall Street Program at Drew University, I graduated Summa Cum Laude with a dual Bachelors in Economics & Business Management right after 9/11. With finance jobs scarce in NYC after the tragic events, I found myself in the dungeons of the largest financial firm in the world, working to insure small investment firms and large financial institutions against securities lawsuits. By the time I was 26, I was the youngest ever executive at a wholesale brokerage firm in San Francisco. I had the VP position, rocking salary, fancy car, apartment in the nicest part of San Francisco, had completed multiple triathlons and marathons, was dating several men at once and had social clout in a large group of friends.


I had lost faith in something bigger than me, drowned myself in booze most nights, and had meaningless one night stands to fill a hole in my heart that was so buried, I couldn’t even find it.

Though I was successful by every stretch of the imagination, my body was not happy with me. For my entire 27th year, I bounced from specialist to specialist to address my constant acne, back pain, digestive issues, knee injuries…. the list went on. And I began to know all too well the term ‘No-diagnosis diagnosis’. 

Shortly after I turned 27, I decided to skip a client dinner at a 5-star restaurant and stumbled into a yoga class at my gym- so cliche and ultimately, so perfect. Before class, the teacher taught us an ancient chant.


That moment changed my life. That chant became my salvation at the time. That teacher became my first guide.

I cried for the first time in many years- real tears, not drunken ‘I’m so lonely’ tears. These were tears from my heart- from my soul- and I was ready to start releasing the life that wasn’t meant for me.

A trajectory of events followed: I quit my job a few months later in August of 2008 and immersed myself in healing my body from the stresses that I had put her through trying desperately hard to succeed in the eyes of all those around me. 



In the past 10 years, I've grown two businesses with revenues over 6+ Figures annually by myself- passionately studying and implementing new forms of business, fitness, wellness & coaching.

First I ran a highly successful bodywork and CranioSacral Therapy practice in San Francisco, CA. Running a wait-list practice was full of adventure, lessons and growth as I helped thousands of clients release the pain in their body- and the stories that accompanied the pain.

I had clients who couldn’t even eat solid food their jaw was so locked, suddenly begin to feel free again as they talked about what was really hurting them.

I journeyed with men and women who had been in severe car and bike accidents heal from the months of required surgeries and grief that came with them.

I saw severe back pain that was debilitating disappear with the removal of the fears causing them.

I witnessed cases of ‘no-diagnosis’ diagnosis patients miraculously heal once they addressed the emotions hidden in the pain in their body in my studio.

Jobs quit, businesses started, soul mates found- all came about from the deep work my clients committed to as they trusted the wisdom of their body and fiercely stepped into their power. 

Eventually though, my hands could not handle the intense schedule of client sessions 6 days a week, 8 hours a day. And my adrenals became so fatigued from the simple act of giving so much. So I pressed pause on my very successful brick-and-mortar business to explore other ways that I could serve while my own hands healed. 

Thus my business, success & fitness coaching practice was born in 2013- merging the two things I love the most- business management and wellness under one roof. 

In these past 6 years I've worked with thousands of women and men in deep healing of the body, mind and soul. I’ve run multiple long-term programs, group programs, thousands of individual sessions and taught workshops around the United States.

But more importantly than that, I worked with my own mindset and body to experiment with how to not only live in a healthy body, but to thrive and feel utterly ALIVE in the process. And I became fascinated with how many women, myself included, who are living in what seems to be an eternal question:

When did we as women begin to live in the either/ or of

1. Being successful but forgetting about the body, or

2. Feeling great in our body but ignoring our ambition?

I found in countless sessions and conversations that most women (and men) are existing in one of the two paths above, instead of seeking out the paradox of being BOTH successful AND thriving.

The secret? 

Coming to terms with our Ambition and no longer shrinking, hiding or dimming our light from being a Fierce Woman who is solidly in her power.

So I've made it my life-long mission to not only exist in this paradox myself and work on stepping into this fierce power myself, but to help other women along the similar journey as well.

So what we do here at Jen Blackstock Coaching is simple:

Turning your Fears into Your Fierce

What this takes?

Facing what Fears have been running the show for you up to this point. Then redefining what it means TO YOU to be a Fierce + Ambitious Woman.

Where we as women are learning to exist in the infamous crossroads of:

Can a woman be both successful AND thrive in her body?

My answer is:

A resounding Abso-fucking-lutely.

And I can't wait to help you find that sweet spot of success for yourself.  

I work with you – the visionaries, change makers, and fierce women of the world – to take you deeper into your relationship with your own body and vision of Success so you can feel more confident- and ultimately fully claim your Worthiness.

For more information or to ask me any questions, please email:

Jen@JenBlackstock.com or book at time to discuss how I might be able to help you.

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