Welcome warrior,

To the fierce Collective:


The time is now for us to come together to support each other.

Lift each other up.

Be inspired.

And rise together.




I know that ache deep in your heart- and I know many other women are feeling this ache as well.

The ache to be seen.

The ache to do something great in the world.

The ache to find love. 

The ache to create wealth- on your terms.

The ache to bring the creations inside of you into Being.

The ache to refine what success means to you.

The ache to Become who you are- with no apologies.

And ultimately: 


I'm Jen Blackstock. For years, I've worked with women around the world to release pain and trauma from their body, increase strength and stamina, get clear on career and business, and find lasting, meaningful relationships. Each woman comes to me for a different 'reason' but it always comes down to this same essential intention:


After helping thousands of women {and men!} unlock their body, I noticed a trend- each time she stepped into more of her power, each time she released the stories and excuses, each time she faced her fears head on- and moved forward anyway...

More wealth, abundance and love entered her life.


There are times in life where we are ALL called to truly find our COURAGE, go forth, step forward and... step out of our own way so we can TRULY own our greatness and power.

This is such a time for so many women- ready, willing, and simply needing a solid community to support you as you find the courage to take the steps you know you need to take.

To be truly Fierce, there are certain values we are called to step into:



And that is exactly what The Fierce Collective is designed to cultivate:

To create the community & space for each of you to fully see and step into your Visions, and for me to hold the space and create the experiences needed for that to happen.

And through this, to not only get really clear on what success means to you, but to begin to embody it-daily.

This isn't a Mastermind. This isn't another group program or course that you will file away on your computer. There are no course materials {except that which we create together in the merging of our collective}.

Rather, this is a coming together of women like you who are ready to OWN it and fully step into your Power.

Even if it's scary.

Even if it makes no sense.

Even if you don't yet know what it is you want to OWN- you just need to be willing to open your hearts to the love and support of other women walking the path with you.




What is The fierce Collective?

A home where Courageous Creators, Feminine Warriors, and Fierce Hearts converge to stand fully in your power.

Part Mastermind. Part Body-Awareness Incubator. Part Community. Part Queen Crowner. Part Wealth Accelerator. Part Celebration.

AND 100% LOVE.

I've taken part in several Masterminds, online courses, group experiences- and more- over the years and I've always found that they were never quite what I was looking for... and I suspected that if that was the case for me, it must be the case for other women out there as well.

Women who know that the body is part of the equation in creating a truly successful business or career.

Women who feel a little different in how you show up and wanting to play by your own rules- not blindly following strategy or the crowd.

Women who enjoy some healthy competition, commitment to your body, wanting to belong to a solid community {and show up exactly as you want to}. 

Women wanting to cultivate wealth in ALL areas of your life.

And redefine what Success- and Ambition- mean to YOU.

Women like you who have the courage and heart to go there to experience something that most never do: a deeper relationship to Success, financial freedom on your terms, and a desire to become the Architect of your Ambition in these key areas:

Financial Freedom



Boundaries & Intuition

Beauty & Body Vitality


This work is not for the faint of heart. But I'll venture to guess that if you landed here and are reading this, something deep within you has been feeling the pull to stand more in your power and tap into the grace available when we learn how to harness this energy.

The Fierce Collective is a home for women like you to come together, be in your bodies, talk about power, your body, success & wealth in a safe environment, and ultimately- create life on your own terms.



How does The fierce Collective work?

The core of The Fierce Collective is three-fold:

1. Exploring the difference- and dynamic- between success and worthiness by diving into the what Success means to you. By uncovering the hidden gems and ancient wisdom locked in your body, each woman in The Fierce Collective will have an opportunity to get clear on what she desires in her life- and what she doesn't. Which leads us into:

2. A process I call Vision Keeping. Each woman creates a Vision for what she wants to create for the month, year and beyond. Jen Blackstock holds each of these Visions and guides each woman in the steps she needs to take to bring those Visions to life. Other members of the Collective also hold the Visions for each other as well. 

If any member is unclear on their Vision, we step in to help you find clarity and unlock the next steps forward.

3. Movement- moving your body, taking actions in your life, business & relationships, and being courageous to do the things you dream of doing. This is where you walk your talk with the support of other women doing the same. It can be so easy to say you want something, and then get stuck in not actually DO-ing any of it. So sort of half-assing your way instead of stepping fully into being your Badass self. In The Fierce Collective, we encourage your fierce and ambitious side to flourish in a way that suits your body and lifestyle.... and that movement can literally change your life.

Each month has it's own Theme and archetypal mentor based on where the Collective as a whole is journeying in your life and business. I purposely create the content and themes as we go so that I know we are 100% in the flow of where the group is headed and what I see everyone needs as their next steps. 

We also go deeper into aspects of how your Body & Wealth are connected- and how to cultivate that relationship to keep moving forward.

Each member is encouraged to have both a financial vision and commitment to her body/ movement/ healing that feels right for her throughout the length of our time together.

And so much more!

The Important Details:

The Fierce Collective Membership Includes the following:

  • Secret Facebook Group to gather in Community and fiercely support each other.
  • 2 Group Calls per month- These calls will include Experiential Learning, individual coaching, and group interaction in supporting one another.
  • Private Sessions with Jen- each Adventurer Membership includes 1 (one) 2 Hour Open Deep-Dive Exploration private session with Jen to be used when you are ready. If you desire regular sessions with Jen, signing up for a 1:1 program such as Fierce Body is for you {and included access to The Fierce Collective}.
  • {Optional} UPGRADE of Membership to the Apprenticeship Level to include admission to:  Feminine Warrior Weekends held in Carlsbad, CA: Each workshop is 2 Days long and is tailored to the women who attend. Adventures, meals and free time are woven into a fabric to create experiences designed to help you step fully into your power and see your visions clearly. {Also available a la carte if you decide to attend after you join}.
  • BONUS: Access to 4 Months of Calls from the Fierce Feminine Society and all calls already held in the group so you don't miss anything we've already discussed.

How does Enrollment work?

The Fierce Collective is a year-round program although enrollment is only open a few times a year. When you enroll below, you will receive LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP in the The Fierce Collective.

No monthly payments after your initial investment. No renewals. No 8 week course that you forget about as soon as it's over. No having to decide at regular intervals if you want to keep paying the investment. Once you decide you are IN, you never need to think about the investment again.

The Fierce Collective meets at least 2 times a month via Zoom, and I am committed to doing so through at least the end of 2019. 

So if you miss a month- no big deal.

If you are live on every call, amazing.

If you will be traveling or have another need for a break, simply come back when you are ready. 

Because of the way this program is structured, there is a strict No Refund Policy. Trust that you know what you need and can come and go as you need. 

Level 1: The Adventurer

  • Secret Facebook Group to gather in Community and fiercely support each other 
  • 2 Group Calls per month- These calls will include Experiential Learning, individual coaching, and group interaction in supporting one another.
  • Exclusive access of admission at a discounted rate of $555 each to the Feminine Warrior Weekends held in Carlsbad, CA: Each workshop is 2 Days long and is tailored to the women who attend. Adventures, meals and free time are woven into a fabric to create experiences designed to help you step fully into your power and see your visions clearly. {Available a la carte at a discount off the public rate of $750 each}
  • Private Sessions with Jen- each Adventurer Membership includes 1 (One) 2 Hour Open Deep-Dive Exploration private session with Jen to be used when you are ready. If you desire regular sessions with Jen, please contact me about my 1:1 options to sign up or upgrade after you have joined the group.

Investment in Lifetime Membership: 

12 Payments of $99

Up-Front Payment of $999

Once you have submitted payment, you will receive a download link to download Fierce Body: The Book immediately. Then our team will review and send you a Welcome Email within 24 Hours. Your Welcome Email will give you immediate access to the Membership Page and all other information needed to begin your journey.

Please Note: Because this is a LIFETIME Membership, there is a strict NO REFUND policy.

Level 2: The Apprenticeship

You have a vision. You know the path you are on. And you are ready to do what it takes to bring this vision to reality. To do so, it's time to get laser-focused on what it will take to bring this vision to life: The Inner Work as well as the Outer Courageous Actions. It's the process of getting so clear within yourself & so solidly in your power so that when you unleash your arrow, there is nothing that can stop it from hitting your desired target.

The Apprenticeship is my highest-level program in which I work with you closely for 12 months in the development of your business and your inner world/ mindset so that you are truly unstoppable in bringing your visions to life.

The Apprenticeship consists of up to 4 sessions per month for 15 months, a full day Intensive known as Awaken, email and text support between sessions, and inclusion in ALL courses, Events and Retreats that I hold during your enrollment in The Apprenticeship

This is my most expansive, high-level support available- and I only take a limited number of women at a time. There are currently TWO Spaces remaining in this program right now.

  • Secret Facebook Group
  • Access to all Community Calls
  • Up to 4 (Four) Private Sessions per month {60 Minutes} with Jen Blackstock for the length of your membership 
  • Fully customized to you and your needs in stepping into Leadership- no matter your chosen profession. 
  • Included admission to 3 (Three) Feminine Warrior Weekend LIVE events {excluding accommodation} 
  • Included Private 1:1 Awaken Immersion with Jen during your Membership 

To discuss enrollment in The Apprenticeship, please click below to schedule a time with Jen



Jen Blackstock is the owner + founder of The Unbridled Life. Known by names such as The Calling Whisperer, Vision Keeper, The Fearless Poetess and Rebel Visionary, Jen is a force of healing and growth for anyone who crosses her path.

Jen began her journey with dual Bachelor Degrees in both Economics {with a Business Management focus} and Classical Mythology. Not knowing then how these two degrees would come together, Jen trusted that she was being led on a path that would make sense at some point. 

Joining the world of Finance while still in her undergraduate studies, Jen thrived in the world of Wall Street working her way up the ranks to become the youngest AVP in her company's history. But while her career was wildly successful, her spiritual and body health was failing.

In 2008 Jen finally left the world of Finance to find the intersection of success and spirituality. 

From an executive in finance to healer and coach, Jen went on to found two 6+ Figure Businesses in only a few years. Jen blends her knowledge of the body, personal power and feminine mythology with real-world business sense, wealth cultivation and abundance mentality. Her passion is riding her horse Oliver as much as she can, hiking with her husband Matt + dog Apollo, and enjoying pizza in celebration of life and love.



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Please also note that there are No Refunds on any program. Choosing to work with Jen is that- a choice- and you will get back what you yourself put in towards your own growth and healing.