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Calling all Visionaries, Change-Makers, Spiritual Warriors- and those aspiring to be so. It’s time for you to start living, to come fully ALIVE . How? By joining ancient techniques, theories and stories with modern day tools to guide you into living a life created by you, for you- free from the things that are holding you back. All it takes is a step forward and a deep commitment to you. To your life. To your Journey. 

You can’t deny it anymore- the whispers, the pain, the anxiety and the deep longing- they are all pointing you in the direction of action and a vision of the world you want to create. You are ready to Embody the life you dream of, even if that means change.

Your life is an adventure, and a framework to understand every step of the way is available- here. Now. Always.

Ancient wisdom infused into your modern life. 


A simple YES is all it takes to fully, deeply, know your worth. To know your wholeness. And to experience grace. 

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So Sit Back.

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It takes courage to listen to your body. To trust your heart. To live your truth.

Listening is the first step. Acting is the key to the first door.

And choosing to connect with her Opens the door to your freedom.

Being a highly successful and ambitious human can be quite the heroic feat these days with all of the ways we are being asked to show up in the world.

Lean IN. Rise UP. Have it ALL. 

And these are just three of the catch phrases that seem to be running the show.

Career, family, tribe, body vitality, relationships, being of service in the world and more.... are all pulling on you to show up.

I believe that YES- absolutely it is possible to show up fully for all of this- and more.

AND I believe that in order for it to truly work- for you to truly succeed, you need to be doing so from a grounded, connected, soulful place.

What happens when you don't?

  • Anxiety.
  • Depression.
  • Physical ailments & pain.
  • Spiritual awakenings & crisis.
  • Feelings of failure even when all evidence points to otherwise.
  • Burn-out and adrenal fatigue.
  • Loneliness and isolation.
  • Self-sabotage and
  • longing for more.

The good news is, all of these are simply harbingers of change. Of being at the edge of your next level of expansion.

It may not seem like it today, but the pain you are experiencing right now- be it physical, emotional, spiritual or otherwise- are all gifts pointing you in a new direction. 

Where? For each of us it is different, and that is exactly what I can't wait to help you find out.



Some people are born knowing what they are here for.

Some never attempt to find out.

But most of us- we're on a life-long journey to learn who we are and what we came to do.

This quest for the truth of your soul is perhaps the greatest adventure you will ever undertake.



Jen Blackstock is the owner + Founder of The Unbridled Life & author of the forthcoming book, The Worthiness Revolution. Known by names such as Vision Keeper, Body & Soul Whisperer, Oracle and Worthiness Warrior, Jen is a force of healing and growth for anyone who crosses her path. From an executive in finance to healer and coach, to star athlete in equestrian, swimming, triathlons and a short stint in women's rugby, to founder of two 6 Figure+ Businesses, Jen blends her knowledge of the body, personal power and feminine mythology with real-world business sense, wealth cultivation and abundance mentality. Her passion is riding her horse Oliver as much as she can, hiking with her husband Matt + dog Apollo, and enjoying pizza in celebration of life and love.

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